The Months Poem Questions & Answers

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The Months Poem Questions & Answers


Written by Christina Rossetti, the poem describes the twelve different months of a year and tells us what happens in each month. She calls January as a cold lonely month while February ‘dripping wet’ – a rainy month. The wind blows in full fervor in March while April welcomes people with the song of birds. Flowers bloom in full swing in May while June is a sunny month with the longest day. July houses stormy clouds with lightning flashes. August and September are harvest months. The climate is rough in October, while nights are really long in November and the cold is strong in December.

Word Galaxy

  • Desolate – empty with no people or nothing pleasant
  • Dripping – very wet
  • Scorched – slightly burned or damaged by fire or heat
  • Disrobe – undress
  • Bleak – cold and miserable

Question 1: Why do you think the poet used the word ‘desolate’ for January?

Answer: The poet used the word ‘desolate’ to describe the weather of January month. It leaves on us a picture of freezing temperature and emptiness of the landscape. It shows the inhospitable atmosphere of January weather.

Question 2: Do stars really fall down in November?

Answer: No, stars don’t really fall down in November. It is just an imagination of the poet.

The Months Poem Questions & Answers

Question 3: Using the information about months and the atmosphere around, categorise them in four seasons.
(a) Spring
(b) Summer
(c) Autumn
(d) Winter

(a) Spring – February, March, April
(b) Summer – May, June, July
(c) Autumn – August, September, October
(d) Winter – November, December, January

Question 4: Explain the lines from the poem:

(a) March wind ranges
April changes

Answer: In these lines, the poetess gives a vivid description of the months – March and April. She says in March, we witness that the wind is blowing in its full fervor and all the leaves of the trees start shaking and trembling due to fierceful wind. It is a windy month whereas, in April, we see that the weather starts changing and it is the beginning of the spring season.

(b) In scorched July
The storm-clouds fly

Answer: In these lines, the poetess has drawn a realistic picture of the month of July. She says that this month is full of heat and hot winds. The sunrays are so bright that it could burn the skin of the people but in the last days of the month, the weather changes a little bit and the storm clouds start forming due to high temperature and thus it rains with lightning and thunderstorm.

(c) Stars fall and shoot
In keen November

Answer: The poetess says that in the month of November, the sky looks very sharp and it is full of stars. No clouds can be seen so, she thought that the event of shooting stars might take place in this month.

So, these were The Months Poem Questions & Answers.

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