Remote Control kid Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Remote Control kid Questions & Answers.

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Remote Control kid Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Daisy is…………

i. watching T.V
ii. trying to fix the remote control
iii. gobbling sweets from the box

(b) Tony hold the……….in one hand and a sweet in the other.

i. remote control
ii. microchip
iii. new video game

(c) As soon as the father presses the play button, Tony………

i. stops playing with his toys
ii. stands up and starts running around the room
iii. starts playing with his toys

(d) They all decided to do…………

i. use the remote control for Tony because it makes him behave properly
ii. rushing to the hospital
iii. convert Tony into a remote control kid

Question 2: Who said to whom:

(a) You shouldn’t be eating sweets before your dinner.

Answer: Mum to Tony

(b) How shall I play my new video game now?

Answer: Daisy to all

(c) And his teacher could use it to make him behave properly.

Answer: Dad to Mum and Daisy

(d) I just swallowed the microchip.

Answer: Tony to Dad

Question 3: Who were Tony and Daisy?

Answer: Tony and Daisy were brother and sister.

Question 4: What were the family members doing?

Answer: The family members were sitting in the lounge of their house. Tony was gobbling sweets, Dad was fixing the remote, Daisy was watching T.V and Mum was in the kitchen.

Question 5: How did mum want Tony to help her?

Answer: She wanted Tony to help her with the dinner.

Question 6: What did Dad give Tony to hold carefully?

Answer: Dad gave Tony a microchip to hold carefully.

Remote Control kid Questions & Answers

Question 7: How did Tony swallow the microchip?

Answer: Tony held the microchip in one hand and a sweet in the other. By mistake, he put the wrong hand in his mouth and swallowed the chip.

Question 8: Why did Mum want to call in the doctor?

Answer: Mum wanted to call in the doctor because Tony had swallowed the microchip.

Question 9: What was Dad not worried about and why?

Answer: Dad not worried about that Tony had swallowed the microchip because it was as tiny as a toffee.

Question 10: How did Tony behave when his father used the remote?

Answer: Tony behaved like a remote control device. When his father pressed ‘play’ button, he started playing and when he pressed ‘stop’ button, he stopped and so on.

Question 11: Why did dad want to rush Tony to the hospital?

Answer: Dad wanted to rush Tony to the hospital because Tony was following the instructions that were given on remote control.

Question 12: Why did Mum want to let the chip remain?

Answer: Mum wanted to let the chip remain because she thought that Tony might behave better with that microchip in him.

Question 13: What was Daisy pleased about?

Answer: Daisy was pleased because now she could press ‘Stop’ when Tony would tease her.

So, these were Remote Control kid Questions & Answers.

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