Tenali Meets Babur Questions & Answers

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Tenali Meets Babur Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mettle – ability
  • Jester – comedian
  • Deliberately – intentionally
  • Wisdom – having knowledge
  • Let down – to disappoint
  • Bowed – bent the head in respect
  • Sombre – dull
  • Consideration – certainly
  • Gratefully – thankfully
  • Pithy utterances – short but meaningful words
  • Cast a glance – to look
  • Triumph – victory

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What news did the Mughal messenger bring?

i. to send Tenali to the Mughal Court
ii. to send Tenali to the war
iii. to send Tenali to jail
iv. to send Tenali to exile

(b) King Krishnadeva Raya promised to give Tenali ten thousand gold coins if he……..

i. set up an alliance with the Mughals
ii. impressed the Mughal Emperor
iii. amused the courtiers
iv. invaded Delhi

(c) How did Tenali come to know that something was wrong in Babur’s court?

i. The courtiers did not smile
ii. His efforts to make the courtiers laugh failed for fifteen days
iii. The courtiers were jealous of him.
iv. both i. & ii.

Question 2: Why do you think Babur wished to meet Tenalirama?

Answer: Tenalirama was a famous jester. He was famous for his wit and wisdom. So, when Babur heard about him, he wished to meet Tenalirama.

Question 3: What did King Krishnadev Raya tell Tenali before he left the Mughal court?

Answer: King Krishnadev Raya told Tenali to remember that the honour of their kingdom was in his hands. He promised to give him ten thousand gold coins if he would impress the Mughal Emperor.

Question 4: What did Babur tell his courtiers before Tenali’s arrival?

Answer: Babur told his courtiers not to laugh at Tenali’s jokes and if he found anyone laughing, that person would be punished.

Tenali Meets Babur Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why did Tenalirama think of a fresh plan in the Mughal court?

Answer: Tenalirama thought of a fresh plan because he understood that Mughal courtiers were deliberately keeping a somber face and all his efforts to make them laugh had failed.

Question 6: What did Tenali decide to do after disguising himself as an old man?

Answer: Tenali disguised himself as an old man. He decided to work as a labourer by digging at a place where Babur visited every day.

Question 7: How did Tenali impress the Mughal Emperor?

Answer: Tenali impressed the Mughal Emperor by showing his consideration for others and his pithy utterances.

Question 8: Why was Babur surprised to see an old man planting a mango sapling?

Answer: Babur was surprised to see an old man planting a mango sapling because he thought that the old man won’t be alive by the time the mango tree would bear fruits.

So, these were Tenali Meets Babur Questions & Answers.

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