The Mouse Maiden Questions & Answers

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The Mouse Maiden Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. The Mouse Maiden refused to marry the Sun because

(a) he was hot.
(b) he was always red.
(c) he was bad-tempered.

2. Who, according to the Wind, was greater than him?

(a) the Sun
(b) the Cloud
(c) the Mountain

3. The Cloud said that the Wind was greater than him because

(a) the Wind blew him around.
(b) the Wind sometimes covered his face.
(c) the Wind defeated him in a boxing match.

4. The holy man changed the girl into a mouse because

(a) she wanted to marry a mouse.
(b) the Sun asked the holy man to do that.
(c) the holy man did not want the girl any more.

Question 2: Mark the sentences as True or False:

1. The holy man had magic powers – True
2. The Mouse Maiden wanted to marry the Wind – False
3. The Sun said that the Cloud was greater than him – True
4. The Mouse Maiden said that the Mountain was too tall, rough and hard – True
5. The Mouse Maiden did not want to marry the Mouse – False

Question 3: How did the holy man find the she-mouse?

Answer: One day, as the holy man was saying his prayers, a mouse fell into his hands. That is how, he found the she-mouse.

Question 4: Why did the holy man change the mouse into a little girl?

Answer: The holy man liked the mouse and wanted to keep her with him. So, using his magic powers, he changed her into a girl.

Question 5: Why did the Mouse Maiden refuse to marry the cloud?

Answer: The Mouse Maiden refused to marry the cloud because he looked very dull.

Question 6: According to the Mountain, who was greater than him? Why?

Answer: According to the Mountain, Mouse was greater than him because Mouse makes holes in rough, hard Mountain.

Question 7: Among the Sun, the Cloud, the Wind and the Mountain, whom did the holy man consider the greatest?

Answer: Among the Sun, the Cloud, the Wind and the Mountain, the holy man considered the Sun as the greatest.

Question 8: The Mountain is tall while the Mouse is tiny. But the Mountain says that the Mouse is greater than him. What do you learn from that?

Answer: We learnt that big or small, anyone could be great. We also learnt that everybody has his own talents.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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