On The Water Questions & Answers

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On The Water Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. The poet is

(a) sailing on a boat.
(b) swimming in a river.
(c) standing near a lake.

2. In the water, the poet sees reflections of

(a) rivers.
(b) mountains.
(c) hills and trees.

3. The lilies floating there are

(a) round and large.
(b) round and small.
(c) small and square.

4. There are many reeds

(a) far away from the stream.
(b) in the middle of the stream.
(c) along the edge of the stream.

5. The dragonfly described in the poem is

(a) blue.
(b) black.
(c) green.

Question 2: What colour is the water on which the boat glides?

Answer: The boat glides on water that is blue in colour.

Question 3: What shadows can the poet see?

Answer: The poet can see the shadows of each hill and tree.

Question 4: What is springing and gleaming?

Answer: The fishes are springing and gleaming.

Question 5: Name the two birds mentioned in the poem,

Answer: The swallow and the kingfisher are the two birds mentioned in the poem.

Question 6: Describe the weather as depicted in the poem.

Answer: It is a pleasant, sunny day. The sky is smooth and bright.

Question 7: Do you think the poet enjoys boating? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: The line What could give us more delight? tells us that the poet enjoys boating.

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