The Observant Jeweller Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Observant Jeweller Questions & Answers.

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The Observant Jeweller Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What sort of jewellery did Gangaram sell?

a. modern
b. imported
c. antique

2. The girl was looking at the shop of a______

a. florist
b. undertaker
c. baker

3. Whom did Miss Roopa go to fetch

a. Mr Sengupta
b. the girl
c. Mr Gangaram

4. Why did the girl give the small piece of jewellery to Mr Sengupta?

a. for sale
b. for repair
c. as a gift

5. Who had put the ring using chewing gum under the edge of the corner?

a. the man who had come to buy a ring
b. Miss Roopa
c. Mr Gangaram

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. I turned to get it out……

(a) Why did the narrator turn?

Answer: The narrator turned to get the fourth tray of rings.

(b) What did he notice before putting the tray on the counter?

Answer: He noticed that the diamond and ruby flower ring had gone.

(c) What did he do then?

Answer: He put down the tray and called Miss Roopa.

2. She stopped

(a) Who stopped and why?

Answer: The girl stopped because she was scared.

(b) What did she look like when she stopped?

Answer: The girl looked pale.

(c) What did she do after this?

Answer: She gave the ring and ran straight out of the shop.

3. “What a strange thing to do?”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Mr Gangaram said these words to Sengupta.

(b) What was the ‘strange thing’?

Answer: The ‘strange thing’ was to steal the ring.

(c) What did the ‘strange thing’?

Answer: The girl did the ‘strange thing’.

Question 3: Describe the girl that Mr Sengupta saw across the street.

Answer: The girl was wearing shoes with low heels. She had a long coat and no hat. She might have been an artist, but not a very good one.

Question 4: Describe the man who came into the shop.

Answer: The man was about thirty-five years old. His clothes were dull and sober except for a very bright necktie. He was constantly chewing gum.

Question 5: Where did Miss Roopa suggest the man should look for the ring?

Answer: Miss Roopa suggested the man to look at the end of his trouser leg folded upwards on the outside for decoration or make it shorter.

Question 6: How did Mr Sengupta conclude that people like the man do not visit their shop?

Answer: People like the man wanted something more modern than what Mr Sengupta sold. In this way, Mr Sengupta concluded that people like the man do not visit their shop.

Question 7: What had Sengupta noticed when all of them were searching for the ring on the floor?

Answer: Sengupta noticed the mark on the ring on the gum under the edge of the counter.

Question 8: What did Sengupta remember as he was picking up the girl’s paper?

Answer: Sengupta remembered that the man looked angrily at Miss Roopa and he had stopped chewing his gum.

So, these were The Observant Jeweller Questions & Answers.

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