The Wonder Drug Questions & Answers

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The Wonder Drug Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming at_________.

a. St Mary’s Hospital
b. Dr Florey’s lab
c. a local chemist shop

2. What did Fleming notice after returning from his month-long vacation?

a. that one of the lab attendants had thrown away his cultures
b. that his culture plates were contaminated with a fungus
c. that his culture plates were still fresh due to absence of bacteria

3. What advantage did Dr Forey have over Alexander?

a. that he had contacts with many publishers so his success stories could reach masses easily
b. that he held a higher position so people believed him more than they believed Fleming
c. that he had a well-staffed and well-equipped lab which Fleming did not have

4. How was Dr Fleming awarded for his discovery of penicillin?

a. The government provided him with a well-staffed and well-equipped lab
b. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discovery
c. He was awarded rupees ten lakh as a cash prize for his discovery

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Fleming had a bit of a reputation as an absent minded scientist.

(a) Cite an example from the story to substantiate this statement.

Answer: Cultures that Fleming worked on were constantly forgotten in his laboratory which was normally in a state of great disorder. This example from the story is sufficient to substantiate this statement.

(b) What was the condition of his laboratory?

Answer: The condition of his laboratory was very bad. Many of his culture plates were contaminated with a fungus which was a species of Penicillium.

(c) After how long had Fleming returned to his laboratory?

Answer: Fleming returned to his laboratory after a month long vacation.

2. But Paine did not make his success public.

(a) Who was Paine?

Answer: Paine was a doctor. His full name was Dr Cecil Paine, who was the first to demonstrate the value of penicillin in medicine. He was one of Fleming’s former students.

(b) What success had he achieved?

Answer: He got success while treating the lacerated eye of a miner.

(c) Was Paine rewarded for his work?

Answer: No, Paine was not rewarded for his work because he did not make his deeds and success public.

3. Fleming now began working with these new drugs.

(a) Which drugs are being referred to as these new drugs?

Answer: Antibiotics especially penicillin and sulpha-drugs are being referred to as these new drugs.

(b) What did these new drugs cure?

Answer: These new drugs cured pneumonia, blood-poisoning, scarlet fever, diptheria, tonsillitis, rheumatic fever and many other diseases.

(c) What effect did these new drugs have on Fleming’s work?

Answer: These new drugs made Fleming’s treatment process easier, fast and successful.

4. The cut was ignored for several days…..

(a) Who suffered this cut and how?

Answer: Albert Alexander, a 48-year-old London policeman cut himself while shaving.

(b) What happened to the cut later?

Answer: The cut was ignored for several days and became septic.

(c) Who treated the patient?

Answer: Dr Howard Walter Florey and Dr Ernst Boris Chain treated the patient.

Question 3: Name all the scientists who were associated with Penicillin.

Answer: Dr Alexander Fleming was the founder member. After that Dr Cecil Paine (Fleming’s former student), Dr Howard Walter Florey and his team included Dr Ernst Boris Chain, another scientist who would become famous in the process of developing penicillin.

Question 4: What was the result of Louis Pasteur’s discovery?

Answer: The result of Louis Pasteur’s discovery was that many diseases were caused by micro-organisms.

Question 5: Describe Dr Cecil Paine’s experiments with penicillin?

Answer: Dr Cecil Paine did two experiments which were his efforts in this direction. Paine’s first effort at using Penicillin was in treating patients with sycosis barbae. This proved to be a failure. His next attempt at using penicillin was made while treating the lacerated eyes of a miner. There was a stone embedded in infected eyes and normally the eye would have to be removed. However, after Paine applied the penicillin extract, the miner’s eye and eyesight were saved. It was a dramatic success of his second attempt.

Question 6: What was the first real test that came before the Florey lab?

Answer: The first real test before the Florey lab came when Albert Alexander, a 48 years old London policeman, cut himself while shaving. The cut was ignored for several days and became septic. He could get relief only after treating by penicillin. But due to non-availability of penicillin he died.

Question 7: How did the discovery of penicillin benefit the world of medicine?

Answer: The discovery of penicillin brought about one of the biggest searches in medical history. After that many more moulds indeed be found later. Thus, many dangerous diseases became easily and accurately curable.

So, these were The Wonder Drug Questions & Answers.

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