The Reward Questions & Answers

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The Reward Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Why was there a shortage of rice in the kingdom?

(a) There was a famine.
(b) The rice was eaten by rats.
(c) The Raja kept all the rice.
(d) The production of rice had stopped.

2. Why did the Raja readily agree to Sarla’s request?

(a) He thought that there was enough rice in the royal storehouse.
(b) He did not realise the effect of doubling.
(c) He was a foolish Raja.
(c) He liked the little girl’s honesty.

3. On which day did the Raja realise the implications of his reward?

(a) 24
(b) 25
(c) 27
(d) 18

4. What opinion did the Raja have about Sana on the ninth day?

(a) She is very clever and dishonest.
(b) She is honest but not clever.
(c) She is clever and honest.
(d) She is neither clever nor honest.

5. To which of the following families do you think Sarla belonged?

(a) farmer
(b) fisherman
(b) carpenter
(d) cook

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“This seems to be a modest reward,” said the Raja. “You shall have it.”

1. What did the Raja think of Sarla’s reward request?

(a) He thought it was too much.
(b) He thought it was generous.
(c) He thought it was not modest.
(d) He thought it was unnecessary.

2. How did the Raja respond to Sarla’s reward request?

(a) He denied her request.
(b) He offered her a huge reward.
(c) He agreed to her request.
(d) He asked her to wait for sometime.

Question 3: What did Sarla ask for, as her reward?

Answer: As her reward, Sarla asked the Raja to give her one grain of rice for that day, two for the next day, four grains on the third day and thus on doubling the grains of rice for thirty days.

Question 4: Read the story and answer.

(a) In which country is the story set?

Answer: In India

(b) Name the chief occupation of the people.

Answer: Farming

(c) Which crop was grown in abundance?

Answer: Rice

(d) Name the animals used to carry the rice.

Answer: Bull, elephant.

Question 5: Choose the correct statement:

(a) On the ninth day Sarla was presented with two hundred fifty six grains of rice.
(b) On the tenth day Sarla was presented with two hundred fifty six grains of rice.
(c) Till the ninth day Sarla had received five hundred and eleven grains of rice.

Question 6: Here are some phrases that can be used to describe Sarla.

(a) a clever girl
(b) a quick-witted girl
(c) a kind child
(d) a hardworking person
(e) a determined fighter
(f) an honest person
(g) very good at estimation and calculation

Which two of these phrases, do you think describe Sarla the best? Why do you think so?


A clever girl because she tricked the king and by the end of thirty days, all his storehouses were empty.

A quick-witted girl because when the Raja told her to ask for a reward, she demanded nothing but a grain of rice that kept on doubling for 30 days.

A kind child because she distributed rice among starving people. Finally, when Raja was left with no grain rice, she offered a basket of rice to Raja with the assurance that he would keep only as much rice as he needed.

Question 7: Why do you think Sarla caught the falling rice in her skirt?

Answer: I think Sarla caught the falling rice in her skirt as it was the time of famine in the country and people were left with no rice to eat. Those were the hard times so, she must have thought that those grains of rice should not be wasted.

Question 8: The Raja feels that he is a just Raja. Do you agree with this? Why/Why not? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: No, I don’t agree. The Raja should not have stored all the rice in his royal storehouses while the people of his country were hungry. He should have distributed rice to the needy and kept only as much as required for him. He was not a just king because the grains that he had stored belonged to the people and those grains were the fruits of their labour.

So, these were The Reward Questions & Answers.

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