The Scarecrow Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Scarecrow Questions & Answers.

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The Scarecrow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sows – puts seeds into the soil
  • Prop (here) – a pole
  • Distant – far away
  • Sigh – deep breathing sound
  • Frightened – afraid, scared
  • Harm – to hurt
  • Flea – an insect which can’t fly

Question 1: Tick the correct answer:

1. You’ll find the scarecrow in the middle of a

(a) sea
(b) jungle
(c) field

2. The scarecrow leant against a

(a) prop
(b) wall
(c) man

3. The scarecrow’s face

(a) attracts birds
(b) scares birds
(c) scares fleas

4. The scarecrow can’t see the world because he

(a) is not a living being
(b) hates to travel
(c) is afraid of aeroplanes

Question 2: Where does a farmer sow his crop?

Answer: A farmer sows his crop in the field.

Question 3: Why do the farmers put the Scarecrow in their farms?

Answer: The farmers put the Scarecrow in their farms to scare the birds/crows away.

Question 4: Who is the speaker in the third and fourth stanzas of the poem?

Answer: The Scarecrow is the speaker in the third and fourth stanzas of the poem.

Question 5: Can the scarecrow really harm the birds?

Answer: No, the scarecrow cannot really harm the birds.

Question 6: Write the rhyming words from the poem.


  • Crop-prop
  • Eye-sigh
  • Place-face
  • See-flea

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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