The Clever Princess Questions & Answers

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The Clever Princess Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Feast – a large meal
  • Demon – an evil
  • Instructed – ordered
  • Guarding – watching
  • Stealthily – quietly
  • Tiptoed – walked quickly and quietly
  • Coincidence – something that happened by chance
  • Supple – not stiff
  • Gravelly – a road made up of small stones
  • Anxious – worried

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

1. Peace-loving people are those who do not fight among each other.
2. The king gave his people a grand feast because he was overjoyed at the birth of his daughter.
3. The king gifted Neeti a large palace with many rooms and a lovely garden.
4. On the night of Neeti’s birthday feast, two guards ate too much that they fell asleep without closing one of the doors they were guarding.
5. In this lesson, we learn that being brave helps to protect oneself.

Question 2: Why was the queen worried for the princess?

Answer: The queen was worried for the princess because she was scared that her daughter might be kidnapped by the wicked demons.

Question 3: What was the demon 2 planning to do with the queen?

Answer: The demon 2 was planning to eat the queen for his meal.

Question 4: Why was the queen proud of her daughter?

Answer: The queen was proud of her daughter because she was clever and brave.

Question 5: Give one word for the following:

1. Being truly happy – overjoyed
2. Rich, showy – lavish
3. Talk with pride – boast
4. Suppose or assume – imagine

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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