Bookworm Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Bookworm Questions & Answers.

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Bookworm Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bookworm – (here) a person who loves to read
  • Nickname – a short name
  • Knight – a powerful soldier
  • Gleaming – shining brightly
  • Maiden – a young girl
  • Distress – great trouble

Question 1: Does the speaker mind being called a bookworm?

Answer: No, the speaker does not mind being called a bookworm.

Question 2: Does the speaker know the reason for the nickname?

Answer: Yes, she knows the reason for the nickname. She knows that she loves reading books rather than watching TV or playing with toys. So, her mother has given her a nickname – bookworm.

Question 3: Which words in these lines tell us that the speaker likes reading books more than watching TV?

Answer: The lines which tell this are:

‘I’d rather read a book Than watch things on TV.’

Question 4: Why does the speaker think that a book is like a best friend?

Answer: The speaker thinks that a book is like a best friend as it can be carried anywhere, any time.

Question 5: Suggest a few places where one can carry a book to.

Answer: We can carry a book on a plane, a train, to the park, to a friend’s house, on a picnic and so forth.

Question 6: Do you think the speaker also does other things than reading?

Answer: Yes, according to me, the speaker does other things as well. She plays with her toys, goes out, watches TV, etc.

Question 7: Write the correct stanza number against the summary.


…5…Even if I am doing different things in different places, my book is still my best friend.
…2…It’s wonderful to curl up in bed and read. I even put my toys away so that I can read.
…4…I read books about the world and the things I can see.
…6…When I get a new book, I can sit and read forever if no one disturbs me.
…1…I got a nickname from my mother because I prefer books to TV.
…3…I like stories of brave knights saving helpless young girls.

Question 8: Write the rhyming words from the poem:


  • Me – be
  • Bed – instead
  • Best – distress
  • Geography – see
  • Pages – ages

So, these were Bookworm Questions & Answers.

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