The Scholar’s Mother Tongue Questions & Answers

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The Scholar’s Mother Tongue Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The learned pundit knew many

(a) people
(b) tricks
(c) languages
(d) Kings

2. Courtiers are

(a) Sons of kings
(b) security guards
(c) rich merchants
(d) ministers of the King

3. The pundit challenged everyone to guess his

(a) name
(b) mother tongue
(c) age
(d) place of birth

4. The pundit’s mother tongue was

(a) Telugu
(b) Hindi
(c) Tamil
(d) BengaIi

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. The pundit spoke many languages.

(a) Why was it difficult to find out the pundit’s mother tongue?

Answer: It was difficult to find out the pundit’s mother tongue because he was very fluent in all the languages that he spoke.

(b) Who took up the challenge to find out?

Answer: It was Birbal who took up the challenge to find out the mother tongue of the pundit.

2. That night Birbal went quietly to the pundit’s room.

(a) What did Birbal do in the pundit’s room?

Answer: In the pundit’s room, Birbal whispered into the Pundit’s ear and tickled it with a feather.

(b) What reason did Birbal give for his action?

Answer: Birbal said that ‘In times of difficulty’, a person speaks only in his mother tongue.

Question 3: Imagine that you are the Birbal of the story. How would you find out the Scholar’s mother tongue?

Answer: I would have created a situation to trouble the pundit so that he would have spoken in his mother tongue in anger, fear or frustration. For example – I would have shown him a scary picture, or scared him with a toy snake or rat, etc.

Question 4: What will you do if your neighbour speaks a different language? How will you try to communicate with him or her?

Answer: It is difficult to communicate with people if we do not know their language. But if we have to interact then, we can use visual hints and signs.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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