Handful of Grain and Coins Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Handful of Grain and Coins Questions & Answers.

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Handful of Grain and Coins Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. There was an arrogant woman named Vidhyulatha in the Vijaynagara kingdom.

(a) Why was Vidhyulatha arrogant?

Answer: Vidhyulatha was arrogant because of her pride in her talents and knowledge.

(b) What was her challenge?

Answer: Her challenge was that if anyone defeats her in a battle of humour, wit and scholarship then he will be rewarded with one thousand gold coins.

2. Many scholars took up her challenge, but they could not defeat Vidhyulatha.

(a) Who accepted her challenge finally?

Answer: Finally, a firewood vendor accepted her challenge.

(b) Why was Vidhyulatha irritated? What did she do?

Answer: Vidhyulatha was irritated because she was ready to pay a handful of grains to the vendor, but he still continued to argue for the price. She decided to approach the provisional court for justice.

3. She agreed and asked him to put firewood in the backyard.

(a) What did the man offer her?

Answer: The man offered her sell the firewood load in exchange for a handful of grain.

(b) Why did they get into an argument? Who resolved it?

Answer: They got into an argument because even after Vidhyulatha’s assurance of paying what the vendor asked for; the vendor kept on repeating his demand in exchange of the firewood. The judge at the provisional court for justice resolved the argument.

4. Vidhyulatha was defeated and had to take her board down and pay 1000 gold coins.

(a) Why was Vidhyulatha defeated?

Answer: Vidhyulatha was defeated as she failed to understand what the vendor had said and meant.

(b) What did the vendor mean by ‘a handful grain’?

Answer: The vendor meant to say that he wants a grain that fits into a hand and not a handful of grains.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Vidhyulatha was proud of her ____________.

(a) wealth
(b) ornaments
(c) beauty
(d) accomplishments.

2. The vendor asked her to accept defeat as she couldn’t pay the ______________ price.

(a) low
(b) full
(c) exorbitant
(d) exact

3. Taking off his turban revealed himself!

(a) Tenali Raman
(b) the King
(c) the Prince
(d) Vidhyulatha’s neighbour

4. He wanted to teach the _____________ Vidhyulatha a lesson.

(a) angry
(b) irritated
(c) frustrated
(d) arrogant

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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