The Storm Questions & Answers

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The Storm Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Three-storeyed – with three floors
  • Groaned – made noises as if in pain
  • Ceiling – the inner part of the roof
  • Comfort – safety
  • Clattered – made a loud, harsh sound
  • Ripping – tearing quickly and noisily
  • Drifted – moved slowly in the air
  • Quilts – soft, thick, heavy sheets made with many layers of cloth or cotton
  • Settling – coming down and staying in one place

Question 1: Who did the speaker live with?

Answer: The speaker lived with his adopted family – three children and their parents.

Question 2: Where did the speaker and children pile the books and papers?

Answer: The speaker and children piled the books and papers properly on the bed, tables and chairs.

Question 3: Why did everything turn golden?

Answer: As the rising sun shone through the gaps in the ceiling, it turned everything to gold.

Question 4: When did the roof get repaired?

Answer: The next day, children’s father went out to find a carpenter and a tinsmith to get the roof repaired.

Question 5: How did the speaker and his adopted family spend the night?

Answer: The speaker and his adopted family spent sleepless night with freezing feet. They pushed their beds into the driest corner of the children’s room and huddled in blankets and quilts.

Question 6: Complete the sentences:

(a) The speaker lived on the top floor of a three-storeyed building in the hills.
(b) The roof was made of tin sheets and the ceiling was made of wooden boards.
(c) During the storm, the roof groaned and clattered.
(d) The rain hit the window and the lights kept coming and going.
(e) The speaker and the children moved the typewriter from his room and the books from the shelves into the children’s room.
(f) After the wind and rain, snowflakes fell and icicles covered the window panes.

So, these were The Storm Questions & Answers.

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