The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse Questions & Answers

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The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Where did Mrs Tittlemouse live?

(a) In a burrow in field
(b) In a house under a hedge
(c) In an abandoned wooden box

2. Mrs Tittlemouse liked to receive _________.

(a) bees
(b) guests
(c) pigeons

3. What did Mr Jackson want for dinner?

(a) A dish of chocolates
(b) A dish of honey
(c) Fresh vegetables

4. Who was sitting on the sugar-bowl?

(a) Miss Butterfly
(b) Babbity Bumble
(c) Mr Jackson

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Mr Jackson was a bumblebee – False
2. Mrs Tittlemouse’s house was always messy – False
3. Mr Jackson did not like bumblebees – True
4. Mrs Tittle mouse polished the furniture with beeswax – True

Question 3: Where did Mrs Tittlemouse find Mr Jackson?

Answer: Mrs Tittlemouse found Mr Jackson sitting on a small rocking chair near her nice clean fireplace.

Question 4: Who was Mr Jackson? Why did Mrs Tittlemouse dislike him?

Answer: Mr Jackson was an old toad. Mrs Tittlemouse disliked him because his house was very dirty, wet ditch. He lived in a drain below the hedge, and he was never very dry or very clean.

Question 5: Why did Mrs Tittlemouse go to the storeroom where the acrons used to be? What did she find there?

Answer: Mrs Tittlemouse went to a distant storeroom to fetch cherry-stones and cotton seeds for dinner. There she found the marks of little dirty feet and she met Babbity Bumble.

Question 6: What did Mrs Tittlemouse do to keep Mr Jackson away from entering her house?

Answer: Mrs Tittlemouse had narrowed the entrance of her house to keep away Mr Jackson from entering her house.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Will my home ever be tidy again?”

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: Mrs Tittlemouse said these words.

(b) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: Mrs Tittlemouse said these words when she got tired after cleaning her house.

(c) Write the opposite of ‘tidy’?

Answer: The opposite of ‘tidy’ is ‘untidy’.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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