The Three Farmers Questions & Answers

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The Three Farmers Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Farmer Boggis have on his farm?

Answer: Farmer Boggis was a chicken farmer and so, he had thousands of chickens on his farm.

Question 2: What did Farmer Boggis eat?

Answer: Every day, for breakfast, lunch, and supper, Farmer Boggis ate three boiled chickens, smothered with dumplings.

Question 3: What did Farmer Bunce eat? What did this diet do to him?

Answer: Farmer Bunce was a duck-and-goose farmer. He mashed the livers of goose into a disgusting paste and stuffed this paste into doughnuts. Then he ate those doughnuts. This diet gave him a stomach pain and a very bad temper.

Question 4: What did Farmer Bean do instead of eating?

Answer: Farmer Bean, who was a turkey-and-apple farmer, never ate any food at all. Instead, (he drank gallons of) strong cider that he made from the apples in his orchard.

Question 5: How did Mr Fox get his family a meal every evening?

Answer: Mr Fox got a meal for his family every evening by stealing a chicken, duck, or turkey from one of the three farmers—a chicken from Farmer Boggis, a duck or goose from Farmer Bunce, or a turkey from Farmer Bean. Mr Fox would creep down into the valley at night and steal whatever Mrs Fox wanted for a meal.

Question 6: Fill in the blanks:

1. The doctor advised the patient to follow, for at least a year, the diet he had prescribed for him.
2. We had roast chicken with mashed potatoes for lunch.
3. The robber jumped over the low wall and ran away from the policeman.
4. Zonko’s father, Nolly, is an enormously large elephant.
5. Between the hills, there was a green, fertile valley through which flowed a river.
6. The cook was so mean that she would not let us have an extra piece of cake.
7. The trees in the orchard were laden with ripe, juicy fruit.
8. Frightened of the darkness, the two lost children walked towards a light they could see in the distance.
9. The king lost his temper and, in his rage, asked his youngest daughter to leave his kingdom.
10. Nowadays, we measure liquids in litres, not gallons.

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