Silly Lies Questions & Answers

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Silly Lies Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of stories did Tony make up?

Answer: Tony made up stories which were so silly that his friends could very easily tell that he was lying to them.

Question 2: What did Varun, Neena and Zara decide to do?

Answer: Varun, Nina, and Zara realized that Tony had got into the habit of lying because he did not know the difference between right and wrong. So, they decided to teach him what this difference was by telling him stories that were untrue. He would believe the stories and act in such a way that would make him look foolish. He would then realize that one should not lie.

Question 3: How did Zara tease Tony?

Answer: Zara teased Tony by telling him that she had seen a tiger cub in the garden—it must have escaped from a zoo. Tony looked for it, and thought he might even get a reward by catching it and taking it back to the zoo. He found out very soon that there was no tiger cub in the garden and he was very angry.

Question 4: How did Varun tease Tony?

Answer: Varun teased Tony by telling him that he had bought five hundred rupees’ worth of candy. He also told Tony that he would let Tony have some. So, Tony walked home with him, and when Faraz told him that he could take some of the candy from his pockets, he soon found out that there was no candy at all. He was very angry, but Faraz laughed at him and said that his mother would never let him spend five hundred rupees on candy.

Question 5: What lesson did Tony learn?

Answer: The lesson that Tony learnt was that one should not tell a lie. It is a bad habit.

Question 6: Fill in the blanks:

1. Do you know the difference between right and wrong?
2. Nitin sulked because his mother told him to share his sweets with his friends.
3. He had got into the habit of telling lies. He must promise not lie or the other children will not speak to him.
4. The kind lady looked after the rescued cub until it was old enough to be returned to the wild.
5. They saved up their pocket money to spend it on a present for Ahana.
6. The policeman chased the thief but he escaped.

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