The Tiny Teacher Questions & Answers

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The Tiny Teacher Questions & Answers

Question 1: The story of ant’s life sounds almost untrue.

The italicized phrase means

i. highly exaggerated
ii. too remarkable to be true
iii. not based on facts

Question 2: Complete the following sentences.

i. An ant is the smallest, the commonest but the wisest insect.
ii. We know a number of facts about an ant’s life because people have kept ants as pets, and have watched their daily behaviour closely.

Question 3: In what ways is an ant’s life peaceful?

Answer: Every ant in their community has been assigned a specific job to do along with a specific place to live in anthill. No ant interferes in other ant’s job or live in other ant’s house. An ant’s life is peaceful, as each ant does its share of work intelligently and bravely, and never fights with other members of the group.

Question 4: How long does it take for a grub to become a complete ant?

Answer: It takes two to three weeks for grubs to become cocoons. The cocoons then lie without food or activity for another three weeks. Then the cocoons break and perfect ants appears.

Question 5: Why do the worker ants carry the grubs about?

Answer: The worker ants carry the grubs about daily for airing, exercise and sunshine.

Question 6: What jobs are new ants trained for?

Answer: The new ants learn their duties from old ants as workers, soldiers, builders, cleaners, etc. After a few weeks’ training, the small ants are ready to go out into the big world of work.

Question 7: Name some other creatures that live in anthills.

Answer: Other creatures that live in anthill are beetles, lesser breeds of ants and the greenfly.

Question 8: Mention three things we can learn from the ‘tiny teacher’. Give reasons for choosing these items.

Answer: The three things that we can learn from the ‘tiny teacher’ are hard work and discipline, cleanliness and care for the young ones and most important is firm loyalty to the land where we live. These things are necessary to have peace, harmony and smooth functioning of the community.

Question 9: What problems are you likely to face if you keep ants as pets?

Answer: You can pet only if it understands your behaviour and instructions. Whereas ants can neither understand human behaviour nor can take instructions. They have their own rules to follow. They bite and also spoil food and eatables.

Question 10: When a group of bees finds nectar, it informs other bees of its location, quantity, etc. through dancing. Can you guess what ants communicate to their fellow ants by touching one another’s feelers?

Answer: The ants too pass a message about the food found, by touching the feelers or antennae of fellow ants coming from the opposite direction.

Question 11: Complete the following poem with words from the box below. Then recite the poem.

hole, kennel, nests, anthill, stable

Soldiers live in barracks
And birds in nests,
Much like a snake that rests
In a hole. No horse is able
To sleep except in a stable.
And a dog lives well,
Mind you, only in a kennel.
To say ‘hi’ to an ant, if you will,
You may have to climb an anthill.

So, these were The Tiny Teacher Questions & Answers.

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