The Water Seed Questions & Answers

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The Water Seed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. It did not rain for

(a) one year.
(b) two years.
(c) three years.

2. ___________ came for the meeting called by the village chief.

(a) Everybody
(b) Only old people
(c) Only young people

3. The young man met _______ in the cave.

(a) bear
(b) snow
(c) an old lady

4. The young man brought back ________ from the mountains.

(a) a plant seed
(b) the old lady
(c) a water seed

5. When the villagers dug the ground, they found

(a) water.
(b) snow.
(c) a water seed.

Question 2: What had happened to the earth and plants in the village?

Answer: The Earth had parched and all the plants dried up as it did not rain in the village for the past three years.

Question 3: Why were the people worried?

Answer: The people were worried because they knew that they could not live without water.

Question 4: What did the village chief ask the four men to do?

Answer: The village chief asked the four men to go in four directions to find the water.

Question 5: Where did the fourth man go?

Answer: The fourth man went north and reached a white mountain.

Question 6: What did the old lady tell him?

Answer: The old lady told him to go higher up on the white mountain.

Question 7: What did the man get from the mountain?

Answer: The man got a piece of the white mountain.

Question 8: What happened when he opened his sack? What was the reaction of the villagers then?

Answer: When he opened his sack, ice had melted into water. It dripped on the ground and was absorbed by the soil.

With a cry, the villagers started digging to get back the water seed.

Question 9: What did the villagers begin to do soon after?

Answer: Soon after, the villagers started digging to get back the water seed. They dug deeper and deeper and at last, they struck water.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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