Ismat’s Eid Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Ismat’s Eid Questions & Answers.

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Ismat’s Eid Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Ismat buy gifts for his family?

Answer: Ismat bought gifts for his family for Eid.

Question 2: What did Ismat buy for his wife?

Answer: Ismat bought a burqa for his wife.

Question 3: What did Ismat buy for his mother?

Answer: Ismat bought a dupatta for his mother.

Question 4: What did Ismat ask his wife?

Answer: Ismat asked his wife to shorten the pair of trousers he had bought for himself for Eid.

Question 5: What was his wife making?

Answer: His wife was making biryani.

Question 6: What did Ismat decide to do with his trousers?

Answer: Ismat decided to shorten the pair of trousers himself.

Question 7: Why did Ismat go to the poor and the sick?

Answer: Ismat visited the poor and the sick to give them money for Eid.

Question 8: What happened to Ismat’s trousers?

Answer: Ismat’s trousers hung up to his knees as it was shorten by sixteen fingers by his wife, his daughter, his mother and by Ismat himself.

At the end, Yasmeen, Habiba and Mahjabeen sewed all the pieces back.

Question 9: Read the lines from the play and answer the questions.

1. Your trousers have patches
Why don’t you buy yourself a new pair?

(a) Who is speaking?

Answer: Hamza, the shopkeeper is speaking.

(b) Whose trousers have patches?

Answer: Ismat’s trousers have patches.

2. This is beautiful. I love the burqa.

(a) Who is speaking?

Answer: Yasmeen, Ismat’s wife is speaking.

(b) What is beautiful?

Answer: Burqa, the gift brought by Ismat for Yasmeen for Eid is beautiful.

3. What happened? Is everything okay?

(a) Who are the speakers?

Answer: Yasmeen, Habiba and Mahjabeen are the speakers.

(b) Who are they talking to?

Answer: They are talking to Ismat.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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