Piklu and The Mynah Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Piklu and The Mynah Questions & Answers.

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Piklu and The Mynah Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. Every morning Piklu wakes up and searches for ______ in the garden.

(a) birds
(b) animals
(c) friends

2. _________fly over Piklu’s head.

(a) Mynahs
(b) Two yellow-beaked parrots.
(c) Sparrows

3. When Piklu sees the bird in the cage

(a) he is sad.
(b) he is shocked.
(c) he gives it water.

4. Hearing the mynah cry,

(a) all birds gather around the crying bird.
(b) the mother bird comes to meet her baby.
(c) no other birds come to the garden.

5. Piklu shouts with joy because

(a) the mother gets an ointment.
(b) the mynah comes to meet him.
(c) Toton promises never to cage a bird in future.

Question 2: What does Piklu search for every morning?

Answer: Every morning, Piklu searches for the birds in the garden.

Question 3: Name three birds that Piklu finds in the garden.

Answer: The birds that Piklu finds in the garden are – magpie, sparrow, bulbul, parrot etc.

Question 4: Who put the bird in the cage?

Answer: Piklu’s elder brother Toton put the bird in the cage.

Question 5: Where did the person get the bird from?

Answer: The person (Toton) got the bird from the nearby forest.

Question 6: How did the bird show her unhappiness?

Answer: The bird shows her unhappiness by not eating anything and giving out a loud cry.

Question 7: How did Piklu help the bird?

Answer: Piklu opens the chain tied to the bird’s legs and caresses the bird softly. Then, he calls his mother and she came with an ointment to apply on the bird’s wounded leg. That is how Piklu helped the bird.

Question 8: Who came back the next day? What was Piklu’s reaction?

Answer: The next day, Mynah along with its mother came back. Piklu rushes out and shouts with joy.

Question 9: How does Toton feel when he looks at the happy mynah?

Answer: Toton feels sorry for putting Mynah in a cage. He promises never to cage a bird in future.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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