Tyltyl’s Adventure Questions & Answers

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Tyltyl’s Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark the sentences as True or False:

1. Topsy laid her eggs, buried them in the sand and swam back to the sea – True
2. Tyltyl had only two brothers and sisters – False
3. Tyltyl led the other baby sea turtles to the sea – True
4. The seagulls picked up two turtles – False
5. The sea turtles saved themselves from the seagulls by hiding inside their shells – True

Question 2: How many eggs did Topsy lay?

Answer: Topsy laid fifty eggs.

Question 3: Where did Topsy lay her eggs?

Answer: Topsy laid her eggs in a lovely corner by the rocks.

Question 4: What kept the eggs warm?

Answer: The sun warmed the sand and kept the eggs warm.

Question 5: Who was Tyltyl?

Answer: Tyltyl was a baby sea turtle.

Question 6: What did Tyltyl hear when he came out of the egg?

Answer: Tyltyl heard the roar of the sea and the sound of waves breaking over the sand.

Question 7: When did Tyltyl feel dizzy?

Answer: When Tyltyl came out from the egg, bright sunlight shone into his eyes making him feel dizzy for a moment.

Question 8: Why did Tyltyl tell the sea turtles to keep by the rocks?

Answer: Tyltyl told the sea turtle to keep by the rocks so that the seagulls flying above would not attack them.

Question 9: What was the danger in the sea?

Answer: The hungry shole of big fishes was the danger in the sea.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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