Under My Bed Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Under My Bed Questions & Answers.

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Under My Bed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark the sentences as True or False:

1. The boy starts looking for the tiger – False
2. The boy’s mother switches on the light – True
3. The boy’s father brings him water – False
4. There is a real tiger under the boy’s bed – False

Question 2: Why does the boy wake up?

Answer: The boy wakes up because he is feeling thirsty.

Question 3: Why is the boy frightened?

Answer: The boy is frightened because he imagines that there is a tiger under the bed.

Question 4: Why did he not call his mother?

Answer: He did not call his mother as he was scared that the tiger might come out.

Question 5: Who is standing at the door?

Answer: Ma, the boy’s mother is standing at the door.

Question 6: What does the boy’s mother pull out from under the bed?

Answer: The boy’s mother pulls out yellow and black sweater from under the bed.

Question 7: What shined like the tiger’s eyes under the bed?

Answer: The sweater’s buttons shone like tiger’s eyes under the bed.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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