The Watery Place Questions & Answers

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The Watery Place Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The aliens came down in

i. a flying saucer
ii. an aeroplane
iii. a rocket

(b) The aliens chose Twin Gulch for their first contract because it was

i. close to the main cities
ii. peaceful and isolated
iii. the seat of power

(c) The aliens said they came from

i. the Moon
ii. Mars
iii. Venus

(d) The aliens said that they would

i. warn others against coming to the earth
ii. force the people of the country to join their organization
iii. come back again

(e) Bart Cameron, the sheriff, was a_________man.

i. cautious and careful
ii. pompous but presumptuous
iii. simple and helpful

Question 2: Who all did aliens wish to attend this meeting of theirs?

Answer: The aliens wished the meeting to be attended by all the important people of the country such as the President, members of the Parliament and the Supreme court.

Question 3: What made Cameron mistake the visitor’s place of origin to be Venice in Italy?

Answer: Cameron thought the visitors were from Venice as they mentioned that they had come from a ‘watery place’.

Question 4: What did the narrator fear as the outcome of his affront that the men had faced in the sheriff’s office?

Answer: The narrator feared that as a result of this affront, the aliens would leave and never return as they stated. They would put a fence around earth and not let others visit it too.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

“It is not way to force ourselves or our organization on people. We all leave and not return. We will girdle your earth in warning and none will enter.”

(a) Whose words are these?

Answer: These words are spoken by the alien from Mars.

(b) Whose organization is he talking about?

Answer: He is talking about the organization of the planet Venus.

(c) What does he threaten Cameron with?

Answer: He threatens Cameron with never returning and also of circling of the planet in warning so that others can’t enter it too.

(d) Which words of the speaker show that he belongs to another planet?

Answer: The words ‘your earth’ show that the speaker does not identify with the planet and belongs to another planet.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

I pulled him to the window by his shirt collar. He was too surprised to resist and when he saw what was going on outside the window, the breath went out of him.

(a) Who pulled whom to the window?

Answer: The narrator pulled Cameron towards the window.

(b) What did the other man see outside the window?

Answer: Cameron saw the aliens getting into the flying saucer, which then took off into the sky. A reddish glow showed on one side of the saucer which got brighter as it flew off. Soon, the saucer looked like a shooting star in the sky.

(c) What effect did it have on him? Why?

Answer: The effect this sight had on him was of utter surprise. This is because Cameron had assumed that the people who visited them were from Italy and not another planet. He had misread their words so, he was taken completely by surprise.

(d) Which words mean ‘too shocked to even breathe’?

Answer: The words ‘the breath went out of him’ mean ‘too shocked to even breathe’.

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