You Can No Longer Reach Me Said The Sky Questions & Answers

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You Can No Longer Reach Me Said The Sky Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) How far was the sky from the people?

i. They could reach it by stretching their arms and tearing off whatever they wanted.
ii. It was close to the ground, so people could bend and pick up what they wanted.
iii. They had to climb the roofs or use tall ladders to reach the things they wanted.

(b) The foods that the sky gave were

i. simple but nourishing
ii. both sweet and spicy, fragrant and delicious
iii. made up of fruits and vegetables.

(c) The sky was generous with food and as a result it made the people

i. lazy but careful with what they got.
ii. hardworking and thrifty about the things they got.
iii. greedy and wasteful.

(d) The sky had to__________in order to make the people realize the undesirable wastage of its resources.

i. call a meeting with the leader
ii. reveal its frightening side
iii. stop giving what they wanted

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

“is this the way you thank the one who gives you gladly?

(a) Who said these words and why?

Answer: The sky said these words to the people on earth. The sky said these words in anger because the people had been taking advantage of its largesse. They would tear chunks from the sky, but often be unable to eat it all and discard it here and there. The sky was angry and insulted with the people’s behaviour.

(b) What did the speaker threaten to do?

Answer: The sky threatened to leave if this kind of a situation continued.

(c) How did the people beg for forgiveness?

Answer: The people begged for forgiveness by hanging their heads in shame. They promised that they would be careful in future and only take as much as they needed.

You Can No Longer Reach Me Said The Sky Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

But Adese….Adese was different.

(a) How was Adese different? Give example from the text.

Answer: Adese was different because she had an insatiable desire for everything. She was never satisfied with anything and always wanted more. While the people were celebrating the Great Festival and only eating as much as they needed, Adese decided to try a little of as many dishes as she could. She ate some of each kind of food and kept throwing away the rest.

(b) Why did Adese end up taking more food than she could finish?

Answer: Adese ended up taking more food than she could finish because she wanted to taste more.

(c) What part of her nature does this reveal?

Answer: This reveals the insatiable aspect of her nature. She always wanted more and was never satisfied with what she had.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

But where was the sky? It was much higher than before and way beyond reach?

(a) Why did the sky make itself unreachable?

Answer: The sky made itself unreachable because it wanted to teach the people a lesson by not letting them take food from it anymore. The people had been wasting its food and the sky was insulted by their gestures.

(b) Had the sky warned the people beforehand?

Answer: Yes, the sky had warned the people about this beforehand too. At that time, the people had begged forgiveness and said that they would be careful from that time onwards.

(c) What lesson do you think the villagers learned from what happened? How did their lives change?

Answer: The villagers learnt the lesson of working for their food from this story. They would no longer get it for free. Henceforth, their lives changed in a big way as they needed to grow their food themselves. They had to plough, sow and harvest crops before they could eat.

Question 5: The folk tale, like many folk tales, personifies non-human things. What has been given human qualities here? Discuss using reference from the story.

Answer: In this story, the sky has been personified. It has been described as a ‘doting mother’. In the story, the sky reaches out towards the people in a way that a mother would reach out towards her own. The sky continues to provide food to the people the way a mother takes care of her family’s nutritional requirements. In the story, sky loses her patience and becomes furious, the way a mother also reacts when she is angry.

Question 6: We begin to disregard things that are easily available to us. Explain with reference to the story.

Answer: It is true that we often start disregarding things that are easily available to us. The story highlights this very strongly. Although the sky gives the people enough food, they are greedy and start tearing off more than they can eat. This shows their utter disregard for the sky’s generosity.

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