The Winner’s Cup Questions & Answers

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The Winner’s Cup Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer the following:

(a) What was the name of the football team Jo’s father coached?

Answer: Blue Surf Football Club

(b) On which day of the week did Jo usually sell his drinks?

Answer: Sunday

(c) What were the three things that Mona was good at?

Answer: Football, art, surfing

(d) What was the name of Jo’s favourite book?

Answer: Shoe Dog

(e) Which award did Jo win on his twentieth birthday?

Answer: Startup India-Young Entrepreneur Award

Question 2: What were the steps Jo took to set up his business?

Answer: Jo started by selling his mother, Maria’s homemade drinks at football matches. He then expanded his business by involving Maria’s friends to make drinks, organizing his young friends to sell them, and eventually adding stickers with football club crests.

Question 3: Why did Mo decide to become a surfer?

Answer: Mo decided to become a surfer because there were few girls’ football teams when she was growing up. She turned her attention to her other passions, art and surfing, and became an accomplished surfer and designer.

Question 4: Why did fans like the stickers with official football crests and colours?

Answer: Fans liked the stickers with official football crests and colours because they could show support for their favourite clubs by putting the stickers on their cups. It also became a ritual for fans to save these cups as mementos of the matches they attended.

Question 5: What was the biggest challenge Jo faced and how did he overcome it?

Answer: The biggest challenge Jo faced was the increasing competition from big brand sodas. He overcame it by making ‘Jo’s Cup’ unique and invincible through partnerships with football clubs, allowing customers to choose their favourite club’s sticker on the cup, which boosted sales and fostered fan engagement.

Question 6: What role does the support of other people such as parents, friends or even casual acquaintances play in making a child’s project successful?

Answer: The support of parents, friends, and acquaintances is crucial in making a child’s project successful as they provide encouragement, guidance, and sometimes resources or connections that help overcome challenges and expand the project’s reach.

Question 7: What is the most important thing that you think we can learn from Jo’s story?

Answer: The most important thing we can learn from Jo’s story is perseverance and innovation. Despite facing challenges, Jo persisted, adapted, and found creative solutions to grow his business and make a positive impact on his community.

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