The Few Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Few Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Edgar Albert Guest. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Hold On Ruby, The Selfish Giant and Three At Table so, you can check these posts as well.

The Few Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Drifting folks – here, people on boats
  • Crammed – completely full
  • Ranks are thinning – here, fewer people are travelling
  • Throng – a crowd of people
  • More’s the pity – it’s very sad
  • Steeps – here, high or steep slopes
  • Never-wavering – determined

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. “The pleasant little rivers with the drifting folks are crammed” means

(a) Many people use boats for transport.
(b) Rarely do people move from one place to another in boats.
(c) Most people choose the easier path in the journey of life.
(d) Many people love to swim in the river.

2. What does the poet mean by ‘better view’?

(a) The view from the level road
(b) a better view of fellow travellers
(c) The view one gets to see while traversing the rocky paths.
(d) a view of the pleasant little rivers

3. The ‘never-wavering few’ emerge glorious because they

(a) Drift along the little rivers.
(b) Do not give up when the going gets tough.
(c) Go where it’s smooth and pleasant.
(d) Always follow the throng.

Question 2: Why are there fewer travellers on the rocky path?

Answer: There are fewer travellers on the rocky path because it requires courage, effort, and perseverance, which not everyone is willing to commit to.

Question 3: What does the rocky path symbolize?

Answer: The rocky path symbolizes challenges, obstacles, and difficulties in life that require determination and courage to overcome.

Question 4: Why is the reader urged to travel the rocky path?

Answer: The reader is urged to travel the rocky path because it leads to personal growth, glory, and achievement, unlike the easy and crowded paths where personal development may be limited.

Question 5: What do you think would happen if everyone stuck to the path ‘where the going’s smooth and pleasant’?

Answer: If everyone stuck to the path ‘where the going’s smooth and pleasant’, society might become complacent and stagnant. Without facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, there would be limited growth, innovation, and progress. People might not reach their full potential or discover their true capabilities.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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