The Wisdom of King Solomon Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Wisdom of King Solomon Questions & Answers.

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The Wisdom of King Solomon Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who called out to Solomon while he slept?

Answer: God called out to Solomon while he slept.

Question 2: Why was Solomon troubled? What doubts did Solomon have when he succeeded his father?

Answer: King Solomon knew how loved and respected his father was. Solomon had doubts that whether he would prove a worthy successor to his father and be able to rule over Israel wisely like his father.

Question 3: Why did the two women come to Solomon’s court?

Answer: The two women came to King Solomon’s court with a baby. Each of them was claiming herself as the baby’s mother. They had come to the king for justice.

Question 4: What did the woman carrying the baby do at King Solomon’s court?

Answer: The woman carrying the baby placed him at the foot of King Solomon’s throne.

Question 5: What judgement did King Solomon deliver?

Answer: Solomon ordered the child to be cut and divided equally between the women. The angry woman was happy with the judgement while the sorrowful woman begged the king to let the other woman keep the child rather than cut it. King Solomon then ordered the baby to be given to the weeping woman. He knew that no mother would ever let her child be harmed. She would rather give it away than see it hurt. Thus the real mother of the baby got her child back.

The Wisdom of King Solomon Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why was God pleased with Solomon?

Answer: The Lord was pleased with Solomon because he had asked for a compassionate heart, patience and understanding to know the difference between good and evil. Solomon asked for these virtues over riches showed that he was more concerned about his people’s welfare rather than his own well-being.

Question 7: How did God reward Solomon on hearing his answer?

Answer: The God rewarded wisdom, a wise and understanding heart, and riches and glory which no king could equal.

Question 8: Write what happened after each of the given events:

(a) King David died – Solomon became king.

(b) Two women claimed to be the mother of the babySolomon ordered that the child should be divided into two.

(c) God blessed King SolomonHe became wise and rich.

(d) One of the woman stopped the king from dividing the childSolomon handed over the child to the actual mother.

Question 9: Choose the correct option:

(a) David realized as he got older___________________.

(i) He had ruled for forty years.

(ii) He was a wise ruler.

(iii) It was time to appoint a successor.

(iv) His son would be a better king.

(b) Solomon asked God to give him____________.

(i) Riches

(ii) Wisdom

(iii) Duties

(iv) Glory

(c) When two women argued over which one was the mother of a baby, Solomon____________.

(i) decided to give the baby up for adoption.

(ii) threatened to cut the baby in half.

(d) Why did Solomon’s people love and serve him?

(i) Because he gave them lots of money.

(ii) Because he was a wise and good king.

So, these were The Wisdom of King Solomon Questions & Answers.

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