The Wish Questions & Answers

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The Wish Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who lived in a bigger house, Maha or Mimi?

Answer: Mimi lived in a bigger house.

Question 2: Where did Mimi go in the holidays?

Answer: Mimi went to lots of exciting places in the holidays. She went to France, England, and Japan.

Question 3: Why do you think the kitten drank so much milk?

Answer: The kitten drank so much milk because it was thirsty (and probably starving).

Question 4: What strange thing happened that night?

Answer: That night, Maha was woken by a noise (made by the black cat).

Question 5: Why did the black cat grant Maha a wish every year?

Answer: The black cat granted Maha a wish every year for being kind and for looking after the kitten.

Question 6: Why was the black cat pleased with Maha’s first wish?

Answer: The black cat was pleased because Maha wished that the black cat would find a good home.

Question 7: In what ways did Maha change?

Answer: Maha stopped looking after the kitten, and she stopped playing with Mimi.

Question 8: Why was the black cat sad when it visited Maha again?

Answer: The black cat was sad when it visited Maha because Maha did not ask how the black cat was.

Question 9: What was Maha’s third wish?

Answer: Maha’s third wish was to be able to speak a language that no one else could speak.

Question 10: Why did nobody understand Maha for a long time?

Answer: Nobody understood Maha for a long time because nobody else spoke the language she spoke.

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