The Wolf Children – I Questions & Answers

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The Wolf Children – I Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do you think one of the men licked his lips?

Answer: One of the men licked his lips because he was nervous and his lips were dry with fright.

Question 2: Why does the author say that ‘demons’ lived in the ant-hill?

Answer: The author says that ‘demons’ lived in the ant-hill which had been long abandoned by ants and now a hollow shell like a cave. Inside it lived some wolves and the two other creatures, half-human, half-animal, fearsome in appearance. Everyone in the village of Godamuri knew about them. Several people had actually seen them and to their superstitious minds, they appeared no less than demons.

Question 3: Write down four sentences from the first part of the passage which tell you that it is evening.


i. The platform had been built during the heat of the day.
ii. Now in the gathering twilight
iii. Sunset was time for the demons to appear.
iv. The forest was bathed in a deep red glow from the setting sun.

Question 4: How do we know that the Reverend Singh kept a diary of some sort?

Answer: Mr Singh made notes so we know he kept a diary of some sort.

Question 5: How did Reverend Singh know that the children had been living with the wolves for a long time?

Answer: Mr Singh knew the children had been living with the wolves for a long time because both ran on all fours using their hands and feet. From the way, the children move like wolf cubs rather than normal children.

Question 6: Why did the villagers refuse to help?

Answer: The villagers refused to help because being superstitious, they believed that the creatures living in the ant-hill were evil spirits and not the children who had somehow managed to live among the wolves.

Question 7: Why did the hunting party beat the ground in front of them?

Answer: The hunting party beat the ground to frighten the wolves out of their lair.

Question 8: Why did the Reverend Singh feel bitter and angry with himself?

Answer: Reverend Singh felt bitter and angry with himself because the she-wolf had been killed by the hunting party and he had not been able to protect her. He had just wanted to rescue the two wolf-children and not harm any of the wolves in the process.

Question 9: Explain the italicized words and phrases in your own words:

(a) It was on this time the men’s attention was focused.

Answer: They concentrated on this aspect: focused is a word generally used with cameras and taking photographs. When something is in focus, it is clear and detailed.

(b) The forest was bathed in a deep red glow from the setting sun.

Answer: Bathed is used in a metaphoric sense. We generally bathe in water; here the whole scene is flooded with light from the setting sun. It is a good word to use in this context as we get a clear picture of what it was like in the forest.

(c) The men on the platform stiffened.

Answer: Stiffened: became apprehensive, showing they were scared, ready, alert, and uncomfortable!

(d) As a priest in the village of Godamuri, he had listened to the tales and chatter about demons.

Answer: Tales and chatter: stories and gossip, mutterings, rumours, half-truths, that are part and parcel of a community or society.

(e) She arched her back and bared her teeth.

Answer: Bared her teeth: showed, revealed all her teeth by pulling back her lips (like an angry animal, warning off an enemy).

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

One quickly signalled them not to shoot.

(a) Who made the signal?

Answer: Reverend Singh signalled to the two men who had accompanied him to see for themselves the reality about the wolf-children.

(b) Why did the person signal and to whom was he making the signal?

Answer: The Reverend signalled to his two companions not to shoot as they have aimed their rifles at the strange creatures coming out of the lair.

(c) What had occurred just before this?

Answer: Just before this, the entire wolf family consisting of the two wolves, their two small cubs and the two strange creatures had come out of the ant-hill.

(d) What did the person do after he made the signal?

Answer: After signalling towards his companions, the Reverend started to write about the scene unfolding before him in his notebook.

So, these were The Wolf Children – I Questions & Answers.

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