In a Tunnel Questions & Answers

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In a Tunnel Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why are the carriage windows pulled up when the train goes through a tunnel?

Answer: The carriage windows were pulled up when the train was going through the tunnel to prevent the smoke from the engine coming into the carriage.

Question 2: What kinds of things do you see in a tunnel (when you are on foot)?

Answer: When you are on foot in a tunnel you can see water dripping down the walls. The bricks are a dull, sticky, sickly green. The light from outside shines in for quite a long way.

Question 3: How many children are there in the tunnel?

Answer: There were three children in the tunnel.

Question 4: Which child is the most frightened?

Answer: Phyllis was the most frightened.

Question 5: Peter asks the others ‘and what’s that’? What is the ‘that’ he refers to?

Answer: Peter is referring to the noise of the train. The low humming sound on the railway line, signifying that a train was approaching the tunnel.

Question 6: What are the wires over which Phyllis stumbles?

Answer: The wires are those which connect the points or signals to the signal box.

Question 7: How does the author describe the train ‘hurting by’?

Answer: According to the author, the train hurled by, with a rush, a roar and a rattle and a long dazzling flame of lighted carriage windows, a smell of smoke and a boast of hot air. All the while, there was the constant clanging, jangling and echoing noise in the vaulted roof of the tunnel.

Question 8: Why does Phyllis compare the train to a dragon? In what ways was it similar to a dragon? Do you think this is a good comparison?

Answer: Phyllis compares the train to a dragon because it roars and puffs out smoke and fire like a dragon. Also, the train’s lights look like eyes glowing in the dark, belonging to a fearsome creature like the dragon. It is a good comparison.

Question 9: In your own words, explain what is meant by the following:

(a) the dip and catch of the telegraph wires

Answer: The wire between two telegraph poles sags and then catches at the top of the pole. From a moving train, the wires seem to dip and rise.

(b) straight-cut hawthorn hedges

Answer: The hawthorn hedges have been clipped and trimmed to keep them neat and tidy.

(c) sickly green

Answer: A green which is very pale, like the skin-colour of a sick person.

(d) half a yard of gathers

Answer: The gathered material of a skirt where it meets the waistband (especially common in old-fashioned skirts).

(e) a silly cuckoo

Answer: A mild term of ridicule.

(f) manhole

Answer: A cavity or recess in the wall which workmen can shelter in as trains go by. (There are also manholes on streets; these are cavities underground for sewers, etc. and the top is covered by a metal manhole cover.)

So, these were In a Tunnel Questions & Answers.

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