The Wolf Children – II Questions & Answers

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The Wolf Children – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: Was Mrs Singh surprised by the children? How do we know?

Answer: Yes, Mrs Singh was surprised by them. We know this fact as the text mentions that she could ‘hardly believe her eyes’ as she watched the wolf-children.

Question 2: How did the two children move about?

Answer: The two children moved about on all fours. Sometimes they moved on their knees and elbows, but if they wanted to run, they used their feet and hands.

Question 3: Why did the children drink milk by lapping it up with their tongues?

Answer: Wolves drink by lapping with their tongues, and this was what the children had learnt, so they also lapped milk with their tongues.

Question 4: In what ways did the children behave like animals?

Answer: There were many ways in which the children behave like animals. They used their knees and elbows to move short distances; they used their hands and feet when running; they lapped milk from a dish; they howled and did not like being bathed; they crouched in the shade or stood motionless with their faces to the wall; they tried to escape and hurled themselves against the wall; they ate like wild animals, taking raw meat and liquids in a crouching position; they treated other children like wolf-cubs.

Question 5: What did the Singh’s decide to do and why?

Answer: The Singhs decided to keep the discovery of the wolf-girls a secret. They did not want people coming to see them out of curiosity and disturbing their pace of adjusting themselves with human beings.

Question 6: Why did the girls become active only at night?

Answer: Wolves are active at night and sleepy during the day, and the girls were used to following this pattern of behaviour, living with the wolves for a long time. So, they too became active only at night.

Question 7: Did Kamala miss her sister? How do we know?

Answer: When Amala died, Kamala missed her greatly. She howled for many days and refused to eat. All she would do was sniff around for Amala’s scent.

Question 8: How long did it take Kamala to learn about fifty words?

Answer: It took Kamala almost 9 years to learn about fifty words.

Question 9: Why did Mrs Singh have to leave the orphanage?

Answer: Mrs Singh had to leave the orphanage because her aunt was ill and needed to be looked after.

Question 10: What was the important thing that Kamala learned?

Answer: The important thing that Kamala learned was how to love a human being.

Question 11: Complete the sentences:

(a) When Mrs Singh first saw the wolf-children, she could hardly believe her eyes.
(b) The Reverend Singh decided to keep the discovery of the children a secret.
(c) News of the wolf-children spread through Midnapore.
(d) The wolf-children did not play with other children, they preferred to crouch in the shade.
(e) For the two girls, it was more natural to behave like wolves.
(f) Kamala’s legs were massaged so that she could stand upright.
(g) When Mrs Singh left the orphanage, Kamala went back to her old ways.
(h) Every night the Reverend Singh spent some time writing up his notes.

Question 12: Read the line and answer the questions:

(a) His wife agreed that this was best for the girls.

What was best for the girls? Why?

Answer: The fact that the discovery of the two girls should be kept a secret was best for the girls in order to try and protect them from the townspeople

(b) This was far more difficult than Mrs Singh had imagined.

i. What was this difficulty?

Answer: The difficulty was that the girls thought they were wolves. The Singhs had to somehow get it across to them that they were humans.

ii. How did the Singhs overcome this difficulty?

Answer: Mrs Singh deliberately played with the other children in front of Kamala and Amala. She gave them toys to play with, tried to educate them and then, after Amala died, she persevered with Kamala, showing her patience and kindness.

(c) Mrs Singh had to rush over and rescue him from their playful attack.

i. Who was attacked?

Answer: One little orphan boy staying in the same orphanage with Amala and Kamala was attacked.

ii. How did he come to be attacked?

Answer: He tried to make friends with the wolf-girls and was attacked as a result.

iii. In what way was he attacked?

Answer: The wolf-girls treated him like a wolf-cub and attacked him playfully.

So, these were The Wolf Children – II Questions & Answers.

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