Two Little Kittens Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Two Little Kittens Questions & Answers.

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Two Little Kittens Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Stormy – affected by stormy
  • Quarrel – to fight
  • Snapped – suddenly spoke in anger
  • Nowhere – no place
  • Shan’t – shall not
  • Seized – held tightly grabbed
  • Shivered – shook slightly because of the cold
  • Crept – crawl or move slowly on the ground

Question 1: How many kittens were quarreling?

Answer: Two kittens were quarreling.

Question 2: What did the kittens begin to do on a stormy night?

Answer: The kittens began to quarrel on a stormy night.

Question 3: What did the bigger tortoise-shell kitten want?

Answer: The bigger tortoise-shell kitten wanted to have the mouse.

Question 4: What did the smaller kitten say?

Answer: The smaller kitten said that she’ll have none.

Question 5: What was the ground covered with?

Answer: The ground covered with forest and snow.

Question 6: Where did the kittens lay themselves?

Answer: The kittens laid themselves on the mat at the door.

Question 7: What did the old woman do?

Answer: The old woman swept them out of the room.

Question 8: When did they come back into the house?

Answer: They came back into the house after the old woman finished the sweeping.

Question 9: When they came back, were they tired, cold or wet and cold?

Answer: They were wet and cold.

Question 10: Which word in the poem tells you that the kittens moved slowly on the grounds?

Answer: Crept.

Question 11: How did the two kittens get punished for their greed?

Answer: The two kittens were thrown out of the room to face the storm and snow outside. They had lost the mouse too.

Question 12: What lesson do you learn from this poem?

Answer: We should not fight over petty things rather try to solve matters in a friendly way. We should share and co-operate with each other.

Question 13: Write True or False:

(a) The two kittens started quarrelling over a mouse – True
(b) One of the kittens was bigger than the other – True
(c) The two kittens were thrown out of the room because they were unable to catch the mouse – False
(d) The weather outside was bright and sunny – False
(e) The old lady permitted the kittens to come inside – True
(f) The kittens started fighting again after coming inside the room – False

So, these were Two Little Kittens Questions & Answers.

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