Living Dreams Questions & Answers

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Living Dreams Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Overwhelmed – here, became very emotional
  • Audience – people assembled to watch an event like a concert, film and so on
  • Soured – here, turned unpleasant
  • Chechi – sister in Malayalam
  • Amma – mother in Malayalam
  • Octogenerian – a person who is between 80 and 90 years of age

Question 1: Why were Damu’s uncle and father crying?

Answer: Damu’s uncle and father were crying because they were overwhelmed by Damu’s talent that they regretted scolding and beating him up earlier.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
“Leave this boy for a few minutes and he’s off dreaming!”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Smriti chechi said these words to Damu.

(b) Describe what the listener was doing.

Answer: Damu was day dreaming that he was standing on a stage and singing with hundreds of students from school looking up at him in adoration. And so, he was standing on the bed with a knotted rope in his hands which was his mike and the dotted floor tiles were the audience.

(c) What did the listener do after this?

Answer: Damu walked out of the house in a huff. He walked towards the shore but seeing his father and uncle there he quickly turned back.

Question 3: What is your idea of Damu’s father and uncle from their conversation?

Answer: Damu’s father and uncle cared a great deal about Damu. But they were very strict and felt that they needed to scold and beat Damu to make him responsible. Damu’s father was more worried about Damu’s future.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
“Sorry to interrupt, but have you tried talking to him?”

(a) Who said these words? Where was he?

Answer: Naushad said these words. He was at the seashore.

(b) What did the person mean?

Answer: Naushad meant that instead of scolding and beating Damu, Sudhakaran and Arvindan should talk and discuss things with him.

(c) What did the listener tell him?

Answer: Sudhakaran told Naushad that he did not like beating the boy. He had tried talking to Damu but the boy was always talking to himself. Sudhakaran was also worried that Damu did not want to be a fisherman but wanted to become a rocket scientist. He also told Naushad that he felt Damu lived in his own fantasy land.

Question 5: Why had Damu’s excitement at meeting his sister ‘quickly soured’?

Answer: According to Damu, Smriti had changed after getting married and staying with her inlaws for just one year. Unlike earlier times, she now wanted everything to be neat and tidy. Even her laughter seemed to have changed and Damu’s excitement at meeting his sister, whom he had been eagerly waiting to meet, had ‘quickly soured’.

Living Dreams Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why was Damu woken up at 3:30 a.m.?

Answer: Damu was woken up at 3:30 a.m. because the family council decided that they would have to be firm with him to make him responsible. So, they were trying to teach him trade by taking him fishing at the unearthly hours as the fishermen used to.

Question 7: Why did Damu throw away the lantern?

Answer: Damu threw away his lantern because he did not need it. He was day dreaming, wherein he saw that he was in a cave that was lit by a light that seemed to come from a huge pile of coins. Also, in the day dream he needed both the hands to gather as much gold as he could.

Question 8: How did Damu row? Who were surprised by it?

Answer: Damu rowed very well. Sudhakaran and Arvindan were very surprised by it.

Question 9: What reason did Damu give for not wanting to go fishing?

Answer: Damu did not want to go for fishing as he did not want to drag out the boat and go fishing every morning.

Question 10: Why did Damu leap up?

Answer: Damu was day dreaming that he was singing in a concert while students from the school were looking up at him in adoration and tears of joy and remorse were flowing down his father’s and uncle’s cheeks. He was caught up in his own world when the words ‘Oh my gosh’ uttered by his sister Smriti, startled him and he leapt up in surprise.

Question 11: How did Naushad and Damu feel about water?

Answer: Naushad said that he saw many different things when he looked at water, depending on the position of the sun. When it was noon, the water glittered in the sunlight and seemed like gold and when the sun was about to set, the water seemed warm as it had absorbed the sun’s heat. Hearing this, Damu said that when he looked at water, he felt that it was a living thing because when the water was clear at dawn, he could see the movement of fish, leaves and dirt in water. Naushad told Damu that the waterbodies occupied more space on earth 4 than land. He kindled Damu’s imagination when he said that there were probably, continents of fish, fish rulers and fish communities. Damu even cracked a joke by saying that a fish in a different waterbody would be called a ‘foreigner.’

Living Dreams Questions & Answers

Question 12: How do you know that Damu’s uncle, father and mother were proud of his good haul?

Answer: Arvindan was proud that Damu had become responsible and the decision of the family council had yielded results. Devaki was proud that Damu had been able to show Sudhakaran that he would be a good fisherman and Sudhakaran would not scold Damu as much as he used to.

Question 13: Did Sudhakaran understand Damu better at the end of the story?

Answer: Yes, Sudhakaran understood Damu better at the end of the story. He realized that Damu was just like him who had a vivid imagination and enjoyed doing things without considering them as work.

Question 14: Do you think Naushad understood Damu and knew how to get across to him? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Naushad’s wisdom gathered from his experience and age, helped him to understand and connect with Damu. He knew that he needed to be at the same level as Damu to be able to make Damu talk to him and draw him out. This is why, he did not try to advise Damu but talked about water and fanned his imagination. Damu easily opened up and started talking freely with him.

So, these were Living Dreams Questions & Answers.

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