Underground Questions & Answers

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Underground Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks with words from the poem.

1. Underground life has been described as a kingdom by the poet.
2. It is populated by many animals such as rabbits, moles and ants.
3. The roots of the trees spread into the country of the dead.
4. Many marvelous things are found under the ground.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The poet says

(a) there is bustling life under the ground.
(b) there are buildings under the ground
(c) many precious stones are buried under the ground.

2. The phrase that shows that ants live together is

(a) ‘to and fro’.
(b) ‘quarrying ants’.
(c) ‘populous empires’.

3. How do some sleeping animals get disturbed?

(a) By the ants rushing by
(b) By the rabbits and moles that live there
(c) By the humans digging with a spade or a fork

4. The underground has been called the ‘country of the dead’ because

(a) the dead are buried in graves in some cultures.
(b) dead leaves and animals get buried in the soil.
(c) it is quiet and there is no light as if there is no life underground.

Question 3: Read the lines from the poem and answer the questions.

1. Do they, as I pass overhead
Stop in their work to hear my tread?

(a) Who are ‘they’ and what work are they doing?

Answer: They are ants, and they are quarrying.

(b) What do they hear?

Answer: They hear the poet’s tread.

(c) What is the speaker doing?

Answer: The speaker is walking.

2. Some creatures sleep and do not toil.

(a) What could these creatures be?

Answer: They may be sleeping animals like snails and caterpillars.

(b) Why do they not toil?

Answer: They do not toil because they are feeling sleepy in their warm place.

(c) The poet makes a comparison of these creatures and others who ‘toil’. How are their lives different?

Answer: The creatures who toil lead an active life while the other do not toil and prefer to live in their secure and warm place underground.

3. Deep down the buried rocks and stones
Are like earth’s gigantic bones

(a) What do the buried rocks and stones appear to be to the poet?

Answer: The buried rocks and stones appear to be the earth’s gigantic bones to the poet.

(b) Do you think this comparison is suitable? Explain.

Answer: Yes, the comparison is suitable because rocks and stones are part of the earth’s core just as bones are part of the human body.

Question 4: Write five adjectives to describe the kind of life that exists underground.

Answer: The five adjectives to describe the kind of life that exists underground are:

  • Secure
  • Warm
  • Dark
  • Solitary
  • Busy

Question 5: Who does the poet think will stop their work and why will they stop?

Answer: According to the poet, ants, rabbits and moles will stop their work to hear the footsteps of the poet walking over the ground.

Question 6: Why does the poet call the underground as ‘the country of dead’?

Answer: The poet calls the underground as ‘the country of dead’ because it is quiet there and there is no light as if there is no life underground.

Question 7: Does the poet call the place a kingdom?

Answer: The poet calls the place a kingdom because there are plenty of creatures that live underground almost as if there is a separate kingdom present there.

Question 8: What does the poet mean by ‘populous empire’?

Answer: By ‘populous empire’, the poet means the colonies of ants built underground.

Question 9: Who do the fork and spade disturb? What have they been doing underground?

Answer: The fork and spade disturb the creatures who do not toil and are resting below the ground. They have been sleeping underground.

Question 10: How can fork and spade intrude life under the ground?

Answer: Fork and spade are mostly used to dig the earth for planting saplings, for making a well, burying the dead and so on. These tools could accidentally wedge into the homes of the creatures living underground.

Question 11: ‘Upon their earthly solitude’, what is earthly solitude?

Answer: ‘Earthly solitude’ refers to living alone under the earth’s surface without disturbance from the outside world.

So, these were Underground Questions & Answers.

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