If I Were Brave Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share If I Were Brave Questions & Answers.

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If I Were Brave Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The child feels that he isn’t brave like others.
2. The child’s sister feels that he can make a dictionary of all the things he is scared of.
3. The child’s family went on a picnic one day.
4. The child had a nightmare while he slept.
5. Angad woke the child because Neha was drowning in the lake.
6. The child is honoured as a hero after he saved his cousin from drowning.

Question 2: Read these sentences and say who could have said these lines in the story.

1. Everything scares me.

Answer: The child

2. I just don’t feel like swimming.

Answer: The child

3. Help me save Neha!

Answer: Angad

4. I won’t let you drown!

Answer: The child

5. Thank you for saving my life!

Answer: Neha

6. You were brave when it mattered most.

Answer: The child’s mother

Question 3: What does the scared child wish for?

Answer: The scared child wishes to overcome his fears.

Question 4: What is the child most scared of by the end of the story? Why do you think it scares him so much?

Answer: By the end of the story, the child is most scared of drowning and water. It scares him so much because he experienced a near-death situation while saving Neha from drowning.

Question 5: Describe how the child saves his cousin from drowning.

Answer: The child grabs Angad’s tube and steps into the water. He splashes hard and puts his face into the water and goes down. He manages to grab Neha’s hand, holds it firmly and comes up to the surface. However, Neha is still in water so he yanks on the little hand and forces her face out of the water. Then he lifts her around her waist and carries her safely to the dry land.

So, these were If I Were Brave Questions & Answers.

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