The White Elephant Questions & Answers

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The White Elephant Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the white elephant help the forester?

Answer: The forester had lost his way back to Benaras where he lived. The white elephant helped him to find his way back to Benaras. He carried him on his back through the forest and left him on the outskirts of the city.

Question 2: Why did the white elephant’s mother advise him not to help the man in distress?

Answer: The white elephant’s mother advised him not to help the man in distress because who know the strange ways of human beings towards them. She was sure that her son’s good deed would be rewarded by treachery.

Question 3: How did the forester respond to the white elephant’s good deed?

Answer: The white elephant’s good deed was rewarded by treachery. The forester was a cunning and greedy man. He also knew that king’s favourite white elephant had died. He thought that if he could capture the white elephant, he would be richly rewarded. So, he went back to the forest with a band of skillful trainers and captured the white elephant and took him to the king’s palace.

The White Elephant Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why did the white elephant refuse to eat anything in the palace?

Answer: The white elephant refused to eat anything in the palace because he was worried about his old and blind mother who was alone in the forest and had nobody to bring food and water for her. She was completely helpless without him.

Question 5: How did the king help the noble white elephant?

Answer: The king was a kind and noble man. He helped the white elephant by granting him the freedom to return to his mother at once.

Question 6: ‘Noble animal, your goodness puts mankind to shame.’ Discuss the character of the forester and the white elephant in the light of this comment by the king.

Answer: ‘Noble animal your goodness puts mankind to shame.’ This statement by the king shows that despite being an animal, the white elephant was kind and considerate towards humans. When the white elephant heard the cries of the forester, he decided to help despite being warned by his mother about the attitude of human beings towards animals. The forester, on the other hand, was cruel and repaid the elephant’s kindness with treachery. The betrayal of the forester brings shame to the whole mankind.

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