Sailing Out To Space Questions & Answers

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Sailing Out To Space Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines from the poem and answer the questions.

1. I’d sail my yacht around the rings…

(a) Which place is the speaker talking out?

i. A lake
ii. Space
iii. The sea

(b) What rings does he refer to?

i. Boxing rings
ii. Rings around Saturn
iii. Rings worn by a lady on her fingers

2. I dream of sailing out to space,
To catch a star or two.

(a) What is the speaker’s dream?

i. To go on a cruise
ii. To travel to space
iii. To travel around the world

(b) What does he wish to do while fulfilling his dream?

i. To catch stars
ii. To see wild animals
iii. To visit famous places

Question 2: What is the yacht in the poet’s dream made of?

Answer: It’s made up of stars.

Question 3: The speaker gives two reasons for going on this trip? What are they?

Answer: He desires to catch a star or two and also wants to take in the view of the entire universe.

Question 4: What would the speaker like to travel in?

Answer: The speaker would like to travel in a yacht made of stars.

Question 5: Why does the narrator dream of sailing out to space?

Answer: The narrator wants to attempt to catch a star and also see all of the wonders of space, including the planets, asteroids and stars.

Question 6: How are the masts fixed to the yacht?

Answer: The masts are fixed to the yacht with spider webs.

Question 7: What is used to make sails for the yacht?

Answer: Fluffy cloud is used to make the sails for the yacht.

Question 8: What things would the speaker see in space?

Answer: The speaker says that he would see the Earth, go around the rings of Saturn, watch the red storm of Jupiter and see the moons, and then go through a swarm of asteroids.

Question 9: Write a brief description of the yacht as described the poet.

Answer: The yacht is made up of stars. It has port holes all along the sides. Its mast is made strong with spider webs, and it has sails of fluffy cloud.

Question 10: Which storm does the speaker mention?

Answer: The speaker mentions the storms on the surface of Jupiter, specifically the big red storm, which are formed by the interaction of gases.

So, these were Sailing Out To Space Questions & Answers.

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