Waiting For Nothing Questions & Answers

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Waiting For Nothing Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does the poet want his friend to ‘kick’ with all his might?

Answer: The poet wants his friend to kick the starting blocks with all his might.

Question 2: What do the words, ‘finishing line’ bring to our minds?

Answer: The words ‘finishing line’ bring to our minds not only the end of the race but also the fulfillment of an objective.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Who is being addressed here? Where is the person addressed here?

Answer: The poet’s friend is being addressed here. The person addressed is at the starting blocks.

(b) What does the speaker mean by ‘an empty heart’?

Answer: By ‘an empty heart’ the boy means a heart devoid of determination and resolve.

(c) What do you think the listener is worried about?

Answer: The listener is worried about making it to the finish line.

Question 4: What do you understand by the line, ‘Because no one yet has been carried to the finish line’?

Answer: No one has yet been carried to the finish line means success does not come easily or without struggle. One cannot hope to attain one’s goal without striving for it.

Question 5: What does the speaker urge his friend to do to attain victory?

Answer: The poet urges his friend to put his heart and head into attaining the objective he has set for himself. He must place his focus on the goal and kick with all his might.

Waiting For Nothing Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What advice does the speaker give in these lines?

Answer: The speaker says that achievement will be yours if you apply your mind to the path you must take and believe deep down in your heart that you can do it. Your body will automatically follow your heart and mind to put your thoughts into action.

(b) What do you understand by the words, ’put your head to it’?

Answer: ‘Put your head to it’ means learn your strategies you need to attain your goal.

(c) Explain the last line of the extract.

Answer: If one strongly believes that one can achieve one’s goal and plans one’s actions accordingly, the body will ensure that the plans are executed perfectly to reach the target.

Question 7: What kind of people do you think stand around and wait to be carried?

Answer: The people who wait to be carried are those who do not want to struggle or meet challenges. They give up easily and do not have the determination to carry forward the struggle. Such people just wait at the starting line, hoping success will come to them without their striving for it. They are either too lazy or too complacent to do anything to achieve their target.

Question 8: Justify the title of the poem.

Answer: The title is very appropriate to the theme of the poem. One cannot spend time in just waiting for things to happen. Success can never be achieved by waiting for someone to come and help you attain the objective you have set for yourself. You cannot keep waiting for someone else to carry on your struggle in your place. If you need to attain your goal, you must put all your efforts in achieving it. Only your determination, your concentrated effort can help you to reach the finish line. Victories will never come to those who wait at the starting block hoping to be carried to the finish line.

Question 9: The poet talks about a change in attitude that one needs to bring about it oneself to prosper in life. Do you agree with him? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, I feel one needs to bring about a change of attitude in oneself to prosper in life. One needs to have a sense of conviction and be committed to achieving something. If one feels that there is no need to struggle or gives up easily, one cannot prosper. One has to stop waiting for someone to carry oneself to the finish line and start running. You must overcome any apprehensions you may have regarding your ability, for that can completely undermine your confidence. You must develop confidence in your abilities and do all that you can to forge ahead. It is necessary to kick with all your might, put your heart and soul in achieving what you desire and do your utmost to attain your goal.

So, these were Waiting For Nothing Questions & Answers.

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