Living In Harmony Questions & Answers

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Living In Harmony Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Forthright – direct
  • Categorically – clearly
  • Disrupted – interrupted
  • Extricated – freed
  • At odds – in opposing moods
  • En masse – all together as a group
  • Disgruntled – dissatisfied

Question 1: What did Ashwini want from her mother?

Answer: Ashwini wanted a new pair of shoes just like her friend Anita’s from her mother.

Question 2: What did Ashwini do once her mother refused to give what she wanted?

Answer: Ashwini turned disobedient. She complained about the food and when her mother asked her to do something, she pretended not to hear or delayed doing it.

Question 3: How did Ashwini behave at school?

Answer: At school, Ashwini upset her best friend by refusing to share pencils with her. She was impolite, sulky, cross and irritated.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
She blamed her mother for it.

(a) Who is ‘she’?

Answer: She is Ashwini.

(b) What did she blame her mother for?

Answer: She blamed her mother for being disgruntled at school, for upsetting her best friend and for being cross, sulky and irritated.

(c) Why did she blame her mother?

Answer: She feels her mother is responsible because she didn’t get her the new pair of shoes that she wanted.

Question 5: What did Ashwini and her parents watch on news?

Answer: Ashwini and her parents watched people fleeing their homes as an earthquake had struck. Children were weeping, holding on their toys.

Question 6: Name the organization that helped the victims of the earthquake.

Answer: The Red Cross helped the victims of the earthquake.

Living In Harmony Questions & Answers

Question 7: Describe what Ashwini saw on TV the next morning.

Answer: The next morning, Ashwini saw a Red Cross volunteer giving a parcel containing cartons of juice and milk, biscuits, soap, soap powder, noodles, bread, jam and much more to a young woman. The woman shared everything with the group and everybody got something.

Question 8: What was special about the young girl?

Answer: The young girl was carrying a crying baby while his mother was washing clothes. She was also trying to keep some children happy by teaching them a song. Her face was calm and peaceful. Though her shoes were torn and threadbare, she seemed to be enjoying what she was doing.

Question 9: How did Ashwini make up with her parents for her rude behaviour?

Answer: Ashwini apologized to her parents for being selfish and rude and offered to help her mother as well. She had realized her mistake and come to know that being thankful and content with what one has leads to peace in one’s heart.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:
‘That is when real peace and harmony begins to work’.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Father says these words to Ashwini.

(b) What example does the speaker give to support this statement?

Answer: The speaker (Father) tells Ashwini that her mother cooks a little extra for the poor, old man who lives down the road.

(c) Why does the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker says this because he wants Ashwini to realise and understand that peace and harmony work hand in hand. When you think more about making others happy and less about your own selfish interests, you spread this feeling of harmony around you and create a world which is happy and peaceful.

Question 11: Recount Ashwini’s transformation in your own words.

Answer: Ashwini was disgruntled because her mother refused to get her new pair of shoes she wanted. She made herself as unpleasant as possible not only at home but also at school by being irritated and cross. However, when she saw the news of the earthquake and the scenes at the relief camps, she was ashamed of her behaviour. She realized how mean and selfish she had been and how badly she had hurt her parents who had given her all that she wanted. The sight of the young girl who tried to make others happy in spite of her own lack of good things moved her greatly. She decided to make amends for her behaviour and apologized to her parents. She understood that it is important to be thankful and content with what you have and that is what creates peace and harmony around you.

Question 12: Why do you think peace and harmony work hand in hand?

Answer: Peace and harmony work hand in hand because when there is peace in your heart, you are able to maintain harmonious relationships with people around you. You care for others, their well being and their happiness. You cease to think of your own selfish interests. When you are unselfish, you are thankful for what you have and you do not get irritated or cross because you do not possess something that you long for but which is not necessary. When you are at peace with what you have, you spread this feeling of harmony around you and create a world which is happy and peaceful.

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