Wandering Singers Poem Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Wandering Singers Poem Summary.

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Wandering Singers Poem Summary

Word Galaxy

  • Lutes – a lute is a kind of musical instrument with strings
  • Lays – (old usage) songs
  • Kindred – family or relatives
  • Cities whose lustre is shed – cities which were once great and famous, but not anymore
  • Bids us tarry – asks us to stay

Wandering Singers Poem Summary

The poem is about the band of folk singers who wander from towns to towns and from village to village to spread the message of love through their singing. The wandering singers have no fixed abode. They are forever on the road, leading to ever new places by the voice of the wind. Whether they are travelling through streets or forests, the places echo with their songs. They play lute (a musical instrument) as they roam from place to place. The theme of the songs that they sing goes back to the stories of the ancient battles or of old kings. They also sing about the cities that were once glorious but no more, happy and beautiful women who died a long time ago and about other happy and sad things.

The wandering singers have no family and no home, but they consider everyone their family and the whole world their home. They do not dream and plan the way other people do, for their lives do not follow a fixed, regular pattern, their destiny is as changeable as the changing direction of the wind. They are not held back by love or happiness, yet they love their wandering lifestyle and are happy to keep traveling forever.

So, this was Wandering Singers Poem Summary.

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