Weed or Bloom Questions & Answers

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Weed or Bloom Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Victim – someone who is harmed
  • Evil – very wicked
  • Tended – cared for
  • Vice-like grasp – something that holds on very tightly
  • Strife – situation which brings sadness

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The first stanza tells us that

i. habits are difficult to form
ii. habits are always evil
iii. habits stick to a person easily

(b) The main idea of the poem is to

i. make us see the benefits of good habits
ii. avoid only bad habits
iii. talk about only good habits

(c) Good habits can

i. grow even if you don’t take care
ii. take a long time to form
iii. make you unfair

(d) The poet is comparing bad habits to

i. weeds
ii. roots
iii. healthy plants

(e) Once formed, both good and bad habits

i. leave you quickly
ii. stay with you forever
iii. keep changing

Question 2: What does the poet have to say about good habits?

Answer: The poet says that good habits form a little slow and need a lot of care to grow. If tended well, they grow more fair.

Question 3: Which word does the poet contrast with ‘good’? which comparison in the poem did you like the best?

Answer: The poet has contrasted the word ‘bad’ with the word ‘good’. We like the comparison of good habits with a plant which grows slowly and needs proper care.

Question 4: Which line tells us that good habits are like flowers?

Answer: The line that tells us that good habits are like flowers is –
“Than any bloom a plant can bear.”

Question 5: What do bad habits bring us?

Answer: Bad habits bring us pain and strife.

Question 6: Is this a good subject for a poem? Why do you think so?

Answer: Yes, this a good subject for a poem. I think so because we tend to form habits from an early age and if we are made aware through such poems then, we can work on forming good habits.

So, these were Weed or Bloom Questions & Answers.

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