What is Peace Questions & Answers

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What is Peace Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Abstract – existing only in thought
  • Concrete – existing in physical form
  • Ponder – think
  • Hoarding – large boards in public places used for advertisements
  • Enduring – lasting over a period of time
  • Defusing – calming situation
  • Confer – discuss
  • Consensus – a general agreement

Question 1: What does the speaker often ponder?

Answer: The speaker often ponders whether peace is abstract or concrete or the gentle dove or something more long lasting.

Question 2: How do friends resolve disputes?

Answer: Friends often resolve disputes with smiles and laughter, thus ending all fights.

Question 3: When does peace become a powerful tool?

Answer: Peace becomes a powerful tool when countries reach a mutual agreement and stand hand in hand with unity.

Question 4: In which households can one hope to find peace?

Answer: One can hope to find peace in households that work together. In spite of many differences that exist among the members when they come together, they remain united.

Question 5: Does peace find a place among the different countries in the world? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Peace finds a place among the different countries when they meet to deliberate on issues that divide them. They finally come to a mutual agreement, resolving differences.

Question 6: Explain the phrase, ‘togetherness is strength’.

Answer: Togetherness becomes strength when all differences are forgotten and only harmony prevails. When people resolve all their disputes and become united, they become stronger by being together.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions that follow:

Or is it something more enduring
A concept that enriches and nourishes life itself?

(a) What is the poet talking about here?

Answer: Here, the poet is talking about what peace is.

(b) Why does the speaker feel that it can be something more enduring?

Answer: The speaker feels that peace is something more enduring as it is a concept that enriches and nourishes life itself.

(c) How does this concept nourish life?

Answer: This concept nourishes life by adding meaning to it and bringing in supreme happiness and success in every corner.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions that follow:

Peace watches as a consensus they reach
And hand in hand stand to bind one and all.

(a) Who are ‘they’ referred to here?

Answer: Here, ‘they’ referred to the different countries that meet to discuss issues that divide.

(b) What does the speaker say next?

Answer: The speaker says that peace watches when these countries reach a consensus and stand united hand in hand.

(c) What kind of a consensus, do you think, does the poet refer to here?

Answer: The poet is perhaps referring to the treaties and agreements that are drawn up to mutual satisfaction to solve the differences that exist among countries.

So, these were What is Peace Questions & Answers.

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