World Animal Day Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share World Animal Day Questions & Answers.

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World Animal Day Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does the king of animals call a meeting?

Answer: The king of animals calls a meeting because it is a special day for them. They want to celebrate World Animal Day and have a party.

Question 2: What does the bear bring for the animals?

Answer: The bear brings big cake for the animals.

Question 3: Who wants to sing in the party?

Answer: The bird wants to sing in the party.

Question 4: What is the boy’s problem according to the lion?

Answer: According to the lion, the boy’s problem is that he has nobody to talk to and play with as his parents go out for work.

Question 5: Fill in the blanks:

1. The lion has called all the animals for a meeting.
2. The bear is angry with Binny.
3. Binny had hit the monkey with a stick.
4. Binny Invites all the animals to his house after they become friends.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. The animals have gathered to

(a) study.
(b) work together.
(c) play.
(d) party.

2. The animals are celebrating

(a) Independence Day.
(b) Republic Day.
(c) World Animal Day.
(d) World Environment Day.

3. The boy hit the bird with

(a) a spear.
(b) a stick.
(c) stones.
(d) a bow and arrow.

Question 7: What do the monkey and the squirrel bring for everyone at the party?

Answer: The monkey brings mangoes and squirrel brings crunchy nuts for everyone at the party.

Question 8: Who brings a pizza for all the animals and what was special about it?

Answer: Zebra brings pizza for all the animals. The special about the pizza was that it was loaded with goat cheese.

Question 9: Who makes pasta for everyone?

Answer: Deer makes pasta for everyone.

Question 10: How does the giraffe make salad for the animals?

Answer: Giraffe makes salad with cucumber, tomatoes and salad leaves.

Question 11: Why is the bear angry with Binny?

Answer: Bear is angry with Binny because he always trouble Binny.

Question 12: Why is Binny crying?

Answer: Binny is crying because he lost his keys of house.

Question 13: Read the line and answer the questions:

“I can’t enter my house.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Binny said these words to all the animals.

(b) What was the speaker doing?

Answer: The speaker was crying.

(c) Who helped the speaker and how?

Answer: Squirrel helped the speaker by finding his house keys.

Question 14: Do you think it was right for Binny to say sorry to the animals and invite them to his house? Why?

Answer: Yes, it was right for Binny to say sorry to the animals because he had troubled them a lot. He invited them to his house as they became his friends then.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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