Wright Brothers Questions & Answers

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Wright Brothers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. First aeroplane was made by Wright Brothers.
2. The Wright Brothers were skilful youngmen.
3. A man can sit in a glider and steer it.
4. The Wright Brothers invented a very small and light engine.
5. The plane first ran along the ground.
6. This feat was achieved on 17th December, 1903.
7. Sending letters or parcels by air is called airmail.
8. A very small aeroplane is called helicopter.

Question 2: Match the sentences with their endings:

1. The first aeroplanea. were held by some volunteers.
2. The glider floatsb. in a glider and steer it.
3. The wings of the aeroplanec. ran along the ground.
4. The aeroplane firstd. the fastest means of transport.
5. Air transport ise. on the wind like a kite.
6. A man can sitf. was made by Wright Brothers.

Answer: 1-f, 2-e, 3-a, 4-c, 5-d, 6-b

Question 3: Who were Wright Brothers?

Answer: Wright Brothers were the skilful youngmen who made first aeroplane.

Question 4: What is a glider?

Answer: A glider is an aeroplane which has no engine and floats on the wind like a kite. A man can sit in it and steer it. However, since it is without an engine, it cannot stay in the air for a long time.

Question 5: What is the runway?

Answer: The way on the ground where the aeroplane runs before taking off is called the runway.

Question 6: What are the cargo planes?

Answer: Cargo planes are the planes that are used to carry goods.

Question 7: What is airmail?

Answer: Sending letters or parcels by air is called airmail.

Question 8: What are the main uses of helicopters?

Answer: The main uses of helicopters are:

  • In case of any natural calamity, these are used to drop food packets, medicines, etc. in the remote areas.
  • It can land in a small space and nowadays, some businessmen and leaders have their own helicopters.

Question 9: Air transport is the fastest but costliest means of transport. Comment.

Answer: Air transport is the fastest but costliest means of transport because:

  • A lot of fuel is needed for running the engines of an aeroplane. The fuel used should be of superior quality and it is much more expensive than the ordinary fuel used in the motor cars.
  • The passengers travelling by aeroplane are provided with various services during the journey.

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