A Gift To The Mother Questions & Answers

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A Gift To The Mother Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Annu was in a very pensive mood.
2. Jyoti was the cleverest girl in the class.
3. My mother is very fond of cooking.
4. I have only fifty rupees with me.
5. Annu finally purchased the vegetable peeler and started for home.
6. Anny embraced her mother and began to sob.

Question 2: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Annu was very happy before her mother’s birthday – False
2. Jyoti was Annu’s best friend – True
3. Annu’s father was giving her mother an elegant diamond ring – True
4. Annu gave her mother a simple but useful gift on her birthday – True
5. Annu’s mother appreciated Annu’s care and concern for her – True

Question 3: Who said to whom?

1. Your mother likes to cook, doesn’t she?

Answer: Jyoti said this to Annu.

2. I have just fifty rupees with me.

Answer: Annu said this to Jyoti.

3. What about a vegetable peeler?

Answer: Salesman said this to Jyoti.

4. Happy birthday; Mom!

Answer: Annu said this to her mother.

5. Thank you dear!

Answer: Annu’s mother said this to Annu.

Question 4: Why Annu in a very pensive mood?

Answer: Annu was in a very pensive mood because her mother’s birthday was approaching and she had saved only fifty rupees to buy a gift for her mother.

Question 5: What did Annu want to give her mother on her birthday?

Answer: Annu wanted to give her mother plenty of things on her birthday just as her father and her one elder brother did.

Question 6: What was her father planning to do?

Answer: Her father was planning to give her an elegant diamond ring.

Question 7: How much money does Annu have?

Answer: Annu had only fifty rupees with her.

Question 8: Whom did Annu ask for suggestion?

Answer: Annu asked her best friend Jyoti for suggestion.

Question 9: What did Annu buy for her mother?

Answer: Annu bought a vegetable peeler for her mother.

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