A Cup of Cha Questions & Answers

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A Cup of Cha Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chasing – running after something to catch up with
  • Crunching – the sound of crushing something
  • Aroma – fragrance
  • Disappear – vanish
  • Strainer – a kitchen utensil with holes, used for separating solid from liquid
  • Stares – looks fixedly
  • Piles – heaps of something

Question 1: Why does Meera ask her parents to hurry?

Answer: Meera asks her parents to hurry before the sun goes to sleep.

Question 2: What was the thing that Meera and her Maa loving?

Answer: Meera was loving the smell of flowers and also the crunching sound of fallen leaves under her feet. Meera’s Maa was loving the smell of flowers.

Question 3: What sound do the fallen leaves make?

Answer: The fallen leaves make sound of crunching.

Question 4: What does Baba set off to chase?

Answer: Baba sets off to chase the aroma of tea.

A Cup of Cha Questions & Answers

Question 5: How does Dada finally pour three cups of tea?

Answer: Dada pours three cups of tea through a strainer.

Question 6: What is Meera’s job at home? Why does she do it?

Answer: Meera’s job at home is to add sugar in the tea because she loves the tinkling sound of the spoon against the cups.

Question 7: Who said these lines?

(a) ‘I love the smell of flowers’.

Answer:  Meera said this.

(b) ‘Can we have two cups of tea, please?’

Answer: Baba said this

(c) ‘See how the milk shares its colour with the water’.

Answer: Meera said this.

(d) ‘Now, see what happens when the tea leaves are added’.

Answer: Maa said this.

Question 8: Chhose the correct option:

(a) Meera climbs up the

i. river

ii. hill

iii. Trees

(b) ‘Hurry, please’, says…………

i. Baba

ii. Maa

iii. Meera

(c) Maa loves the smell of…………

i. Fresh air

ii. Fallen leaves

iii. Flowers

(d) Meera is…………..after the tea leaves are added.

i. Unhappy

ii. Angry

iii. Surprised

(d) The cha wallah dada finally adds…………..

i. sugar

ii. tea leaves

iii. milk

So, these were A Cup of Cha Questions & Answers.

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