A Gurubhakt Girl Kalibai Questions & Answers

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A Gurubhakt Girl Kalibai Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The prince and the British were in favour of.

(a) running the schools
(b) closing the schools
(c) opening the schools
(d) helping the schools

2. Kalibai saved _______

(a) Nanabhai
(b) Thakkarbapa
(c) Sengabhai
(d) Gandhiji

Question 2: Say whether the following statements are True or False:

1. Nanabhai refused to close the school because he wanted to teach the students – True
2. Sengabhai was a policeman – False
3. Kalibai cut the rope with a knife – False
4. Patriotism is to love our motherland and work for her welfare – True
5. Kalibai was a teacher – False

Question 3: Why was the Praja Mandal of Dungarpur formed?

Answer: The Praja Mandal of Dungarpur was formed to conduct a campaign against unjust closing of schools and demanding the end of the colonial rule.

Question 4: Who was Nanabhai Khant? What did he do?

Answer: Nanabhai Khant was a teacher. He ran a school in his house to teach the students.

Question 5: Why did the police take Sengabhai dragging on the road?

Answer: The police took Sengabhai dragging on the road because despite Nanabhai’s death, he had continued to teach the children.

Question 6: Who was Kalibai? What did she do?

Answer: Kalibai was a Bheel teenaged girl. She cut the ropes with a sickle to free his teacher, Sengabhai.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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