A Night To Forget Questions & Answers

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This is written by Stan Barstow – an English novelist noted for his unsentimental depiction of working-class life. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Coming Home to Delhi and Can Animals Reason so, you can check these posts as well.

A Night To Forget Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who are Mrs Bostock and Albert in ‘A night to forget’?

Answer: Mrs Bostock was the director of the play and Albert was playing the role of a policeman.

Question 2: When Albert looked at himself in the mirror, what thoughts arose in his mind?

Answer: Albert thought that he looked the part of a policeman and how convincing he would be if he went out on the street and tried to act like a real policeman.

Question 3: Why did Mrs Bostock ask Albert to stand in the wings?

Answer: Mrs Bostock found Albert a little nervous and she asked him to stand in the wings so that Albert would feel the action and make himself comfortable.

Question 4: What was Shirley’s job there?

Answer: Shirley’s job was that of a promoter.

Question 5: Who were the characters on the stage while Albert was watching from the wings? What were they talking about?

Answer: There were two brothers on the stage. One of them was good and the second seemed wayward. Both brothers did not like each other and the younger one was giving some information about an accident in which he was involved.

A Night To Forget Questions & Answers

Question 6: When was Albert supposed to make his entry there?

Answer: Albert was supposed to make his entry when the two brothers were arguing about the accident.

Question 7: Apart from those two brothers and Albert who else was in the play? What role was that person playing?

Answer: Apart from those two brothers, there was a girl who was playing the role of a maid. She was going in and out of the stage and was performing her role in an excellent manner.

Question 8: Why did Albert fumble with the script?

Answer: Albert fumbled because he had sensed that something had gone wrong. He felt that he had missed his part.

Question 9: Did the early parts of the play go well? What supports your answer?

Answer: Yes, the early parts of the play went well as one could hear the audience laughing along with the play. The audience was responsive and appreciative.

Question 10: He could not do it. Who could not do what? Why?

Answer: Albert felt that he could not go on the stage and play his part. He was suddenly overcome by stage fright.

Question 11: Where was the dressing room of the theatre – behind the stage, below the stage or above the stage? How can you tell?

Answer: The dressing room was behind the stage. We can tell this because the voice of all the actors were very clear.

A Night To Forget Questions & Answers

Question 12: Mrs Bostock says that the prompter, Shirley hasn’t had a thing do so far. What does this indicate?

Answer: This indicates that the actors have said their lines perfectly and no one had forgotten anything.

Question 13: He realized to his own surprise that he was. That he was what? Why did that surprise him?

Answer: He realised that he was all right and was no longer feeling afraid. Up until that moment he was panicking and he had not been aware of the moment when the stage fright had passed.

Question 14: Explain the following sentences. Tell who says them, when and with what meaning.

(a) “They’ve missed your part right out.”

Answer: Mrs Bostock says this to Albert who is puzzled and scared that he can’t follow the lines anymore. She says this to let him know that there is no possibility for him to go on stage that night.

(b) “It’s all a bit new to me.”

Answer: Albert says this to Mrs. Bostock when she comes in to check on him and finds him pale. He means to say that it is a completely new experience and that he is nervous.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:
“But, he said, “They’ve……they’ve…..”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Albert is the speaker.

(b) Whom is the speaker referring to?

Answer: He is referring to the actors on the stage.

(c) What have they done?

Answer: They have skipped those three pages of the script in which Albert had a part.

(d) How had it affected him?

Answer: Albert lost his chance to enact and didn’t get the option to go on the stage.

So, these were A Night To Forget Questions & Answers.

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