Darjeeling Questions & Answers

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This is an extract from ‘The Distorted Mirror: Stories, Travelogues and Sketches’ by R.K Laxman. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of A Night To Forget, Coming Home to Delhi and The Narayanpur Incident so, you can check these posts as well.

Darjeeling Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the Department of Tourism and the travel agent respond to the author’s decision to go to Darjeeling by train?

Answer: The Department of Tourism and the travel agent applauded the author’s decision. It seems that there were very few tourists willing to go to Darjeeling during the rains.

Question 2: The author says his fellow passengers on the train to Jalpaiguri ‘seemed to be frequent travellers on that train’. What may have given him that impression?

Answer: The travellers argued about the time the author would be left with to change from one train to another. Since they seemed confident about the timings the author thought that they must be frequent travellers on that line.

Question 3: Who actually knew the truth about the mountain train? What was the truth?

Answer: A coolie knew the correct information—the train to Darjeeling was not running anymore because of a landslide.

Question 4: What transport did the author use instead of the mountain train?

Answer: The author used a taxi instead of the mountain train.

Question 5: What was ‘like a blessed vision’? What made it look like that?

Answer: On the way, a sudden view of Darjeeling appeared amidst the misty veil. It was like a blessed vision as it appeared and disappeared so suddenly.

Question 6: Do you think the author was happy to see Tenzing? What makes you say so?

Answer: Yes, the author was glad to see Tenzing. He calls him a deserving hero.

Question 7: What is a good reason for visiting Tiger Hill? What looks like a good reason against it?

Answer: Tiger Hill is world-famous for its view of the beautiful mountains that are lit pink at dawn. But to see this one must take a dangerous drive at three in the morning, in the freezing cold.

Question 8: What is the attraction of going to Darjeeling? What is the risk?

Answer: Beautiful views of Kanchenjunga and the Himalayas can be seen from Darjeeling. However, mist and clouds could ruin it and one may not get to see anything at all.

So, these were Darjeeling Questions & Answers.

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